Addressing the students perspective in Entrepreneurship Education

Explorative insights on student’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship and recommendations for educational design

It is one of the key challenges for entrepreneurship educators to decide what to teach as "as a result of entrepreneurship education's increased popularity (...) entrepreneurship educators are in danger of trying to do too much to please too many."

Therefore this paper is taking a student-centred approach. The primary focus of this research to gain insights into what students think about entrepreneurship and how educators can address those perceptions in their design of entrepreneurship education. As mentioned in previous research, it is one goal of Entrepreneurship Education to increase student´s Entrepreneurial Attitude and Intentions (Fayolle & Gailly, 2015; Linán, 2004). In order to gain a better understanding of student´s perception and attitude towards entrepreneurship, the following paper is presenting results from a survey among 2.698 university students (Bachelor degree/undergraduates) on their attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Based on these insights, recommendations for Entrepreneurship Educators will be drawn including concrete examples for course development and curricular design on how these conceptions (and misconceptions) of Entrepreneurship can be addressed.


Mitvortragende: Schneider, Hannah, Mazhar, Laila
Vortrag auf Veranstaltung: G-Forum
Veranstaltungsort: Karlsruhe
Datum: 27.09.2020 bis 02.10.2020


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