Creation of the xLib MATLAB Framework

Implementation of easy to compute Color Space Conversions and Gamut Mapping Algorithms in MATLAB

This work focuses on the development of xLib, a modular framework within Mathworks MATLAB. Its core functionalities are the computing of color space conversions and gamut mapping algorithms via short, readable source code. In the first part of this thesis, the fundamentals of the underlying color science are explained. Definitions are given on how to properly describe different color properties, followed by a short explanation of the human visual system and how humans perceive color. It is discussed, how color can be quantified, numerically described and transformed in different color appearance models and color spaces.
Then the concept of color gamuts and color gamut mapping is explained. The second part addresses the creation of the framework itself. The overall structure of the framework is described and the main classes are introduced along with some key features. Afterwards, a detailed documentation of the implementation of SCLIP gamut mapping algorithm is given. The third part then focuses on the testing of the framework. Two test-scripts are presented, which were used to compare different aspects of the performance of the framework with raw MATLAB code. At the end, the test results are shown and evaluated and an outlook is given on how this project can be improved in the future.

Autoren: Czech, Maximilian
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Maximilian Czech

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