Red - A Nontrivial Color

an educational video essay

The color red is one of the most popular, most frequently used colors in film and at the same time it is used in a very controversial way. The different color meanings are, among others , due to culture and thus to climaticgeographical differences, religious symbolism, historical production processes, and sociocultural diversities. The culture-specific meaning is the foundation for the perception of the color in a certain situation. Thus, the meaning of a color is not only culture-specific but also
strongly depends on the context. The color red triggers different emotions in people and therefore finds different
applies in film. Whether love, violence or simply to direct the viewer's gaze. This graphic by McCandless shows thirteen colors in a color wheel, which are assigned eightyfour different meanings depending on the culture. One fourth of the terms are associated with the color red worldwide.

An educational video essay on the color red


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