From Immersion to Interference: Sites of Collaboration in Playing with Virtual Realities

Immersion has become both a powerful metaphor and a branding strategy for a wide range of contemporary participatory performance practices. In its current usage,

immersion is used in a variety of disciplinary contexts, ranging from musical performance to site-specific theatres and computer gaming. This interaction between performing arts and digital technology is also at the heart of our collaborative practice-based research project Playing with Virtual Realities (PwVR), an interdisciplinary exploration of immersion by computer scientists, designers, philosophers, choreographer, dancers, and dramaturgs in experimenting with cognition, embodiment, and VR-technology. In this article we restage our collaboration as a series of interventions and interferences into each other’s practices and knowledge bases. In doing so, we would like to propose that immersion is not only the focus of this performance research project but also illuminates the process of collaboration itself.

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