Die Stellenanzeige als Instrument im Personalmarketing

Identifikation relevanter Faktoren für die Bewertung von Stellenanzeigen aus Bewerbersicht

Given the fact of increasingly difficult personnel recruitment, companies are faced with the question of how potential applicants can be addressed as precisely as possible in order to achieve a successful filling of vacancies. This bachelor thesis deals with job advertisement as an instrument in personnel marketing. The aim is to examine which factors are relevant for the creation of a promising job advertisement from the applicant's point of view, in order to derive recommendations for action for personnel managers of companies for the conception of job advertisements. In order to limit the complexity of the topic, the question was reduced to the target group of specialists within the healthcare industry. In the context of this thesis, the economic and social meaning of the healthcare sector in Germany and the challenge of the lack of skilled workers will be discussed first. This is followed by an explanation of the theoretical foundations of personnel marketing and the construct of job advertisement, before an empirical investigation is carried out. The research method chosen is qualitative individual interviews. The results show that the evaluation of job advertisement from the applicant's point of view essentially depends on three factors - the employer branding, as well as the content and formal design. The fact that the individual factors comprise several sub-aspects that overlap and are even mutually dependent makes the inner complexity of job advertisements very clear. The work is intended to give employers both an insight into the motivation for applying from the applicant's point of view and to serve the optimization of job advertisements within the framework of their own personnel marketing strategy.

Keywords: personnel marketing, personnel recruiting, employer branding, content design, formal design, qualitative interviews


Autoren: Harter, Xenia / Weißhaupt, Michael
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