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Der Einfluss von Selbstwertgefühl und Narzissmus auf die Selbstdarstellung junger Erwachsener auf Instagram

With social networks, it is possible not only to consume content online, but also to create and share content oneself. The extent to which people use social media and how they present themselves online can be examined, for example, from the per- spective of personality psychology. This study investigated whether and to what extent the personality traits self-es- teem and narcissism influence Instagram use and self-presentation on the plat- form. A correlation between the variables has already been established in previous studies. The aim of the research was to identify new insights and experiences on online impression management techniques used by Instagram users. In the empirical part of the thesis, qualitative interviews were conducted with seven participants between the ages of 19 and 29 on their own Instagram use and their online self-presentation. The statements were compared with the self-esteem and narcissism scores of the individuals, which were previously determined with the help of two personality inventories. In the context of the present paper, under the consideration of narcissism, the pre- vious study results were confirmed that narcissistic persons post selfies more fre- quently and that they use Instagram to increase their reach. When considering self- esteem, the author theorized that individuals with low self-esteem are often more dissatisfied with their Instagram use, that individuals with low self-esteem more often choose a private profile, and that individuals with high self-esteem more often post pictures that feature themselves.

Keywords: Personality, Personality Traits, Self-esteem, Narcissism, Impression Management, Online Impression Management, Self-Presentation, Instagram, So- cial Media


Autoren: Stein, Esther / Weißhaupt, Michael
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