Enterprise 2.0 und Inter-organisationale Netzwerke

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The paper analyses two phenomena of the recent years and brings them together to generate new insights. One main trend in organizational design in recent years has been the stronger opening of company borders of single organizations to its environment and with that the emergence of cooperation through inter-organizational networks. In these structures of alliances between more than two partners, the coordination of resources and activities becomes different and trust stands (beside price and hierarchy) as a third mechanism for coordination and control.

Another main trend of the last years is the development of the Internet which has played a dominant role within the IT environment. It has moved more and more from a pure information platform, where people searched and found, to a so called “Social Web”, where communication and social interaction is the main focus. This is also known as Web 2.0 and consists of several tools like Blogs, Wikis and Social Network Platforms. In recent time, these tools have also been used in a company context under the term Enterprise 2.0.

This paper analyses the impact and usage of Web 2.0 technologies for the benefit of development and control of inter-organizational networks. A general network model is used to analyze the impact and benefit of these technologies for the creation, development and control of inter-organizational network structures. Networks are split into two layers of latent relationship pool and activated network as well as into the three views of resources, activities and governance/control. The analysis shows, that Enterprise 2.0 concepts and technologies have a positive impact on various aspects in inter-organizational networks and support their development and management.

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World 3.0 - Wandel durch Innovation in Informations- und Medientechnologien
Auf den Seiten: 81-99
Autoren: Khare, Anshuman / Mack, Oliver / Mildenberger, Udo
Hrsg.: Anshuman Khare, Oliver Mack, Udo Mildenberger
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Verlag: Logos Verlag
Ort: Berlin

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Anshuman Khare
Oliver Mack
Prof. Dr. Udo Mildenberger  Elektronische Visitenkarte
Rechnungswesen/Controlling, Strategisches Management, System- und Netzwerktheorie
Betriebswirtschaftslehre (insb. Rechnungswesen/Controlling und Unternehmensführung)
Wirtschaftsinformatik und digitale Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester, Zulassung bis SS 2014)
Fakultät Information und Kommunikation
I121, Nobelstraße 8 (Nobelstraße 8)
0711 8923-3151
Udo Mildenberger

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Prof. Dr. Udo Mildenberger  Elektronische Visitenkarte

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