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Das Potential von Social Media Plattformen, um Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten der Young Talents in Deutschland zu erreichen

This master's thesis deals with the use of corporate influencers on social media as an employer branding measure to reach Young Talents. The goal is to determine which of the six most popular social media platforms in Germany offer the greatest potential to reach candidates for Young Talent positions. The following platforms are considered: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and XING. The theory part of the paper gives an overview of the importance of employer branding and corporate influencers in the current times of skills shortage and war for talents. In addition, the Young Talents, which were defined for the years 1993 to 2009 and roughly coincided with Generation Z, are analyzed. At the same time, the special characteristics of this generation will be highlighted and the relevance of social media in the area of human resources will be presented. This is based on relevant theory and the latest studies and statistics. To take a closer look at the issue and to find out which social media platforms are the most popular with Young Talents for business content, a practical section will be included to complement the literature research. Subsequently, a quantitative survey method will be developed and carried out in the course of the work to verify the theoretical findings and obtain valid results. In particular, an online survey will be created and made available to the target group of Young Talents (born 1993-2009) in

Germany. The obtained results of the survey and resulting conclusions are summarized in the discussion and conclusion part of the master's thesis.


Keywords: Corporate Influencer, Employer Branding, Social Media, Young Talents, Generation Z, Generation Y, Recruiting, Social Recruiting, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING.

Autoren: Weißhaupt, Michael / Herbener, Franziska
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New Work, Algorithmen & KI im Recruiting, Impression Management & Social Media
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Medien- und Wirtschaftspsychologie (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
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Michael Weißhaupt

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