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How do innovations come to be? How do I develop a business idea? How do I asses its market potential? Answers to these questions can be found at the IDEA seminar that takes place once per semester (Enterprise founding 1 – Business ideas / Entrepreneurship 1).

During the seminars, business ideas will be developed through teamwork, which are then presented at the end of the third block. Concretely speaking, you can expect the following exercises:

Recognise unresolved problems in your surroundings and define their innovation potential.

Analyse needs and user groups through field research.

Discovering solution approaches and developing business ideas.

Estimate the market potential for the business idea.

Visualise the business idea and present it convincingly (Storytelling, Pitching)

Form an initial Business Model from the idea (Business Model Canvas).

ECTS can be obtained for participation in this seminar (EDV number, Tumbler: 221503a, “Enterprise founding 1 – Business ideas” or Master: 386410 “Entrepreneurship 1”). The seminar can be taken by students of any subject, yet it also belongs to the compulsory freely-eligible courses catalogue for the Audiovisual Media and the Print Media Management study programmes. If this is not your case, please discuss the exam registration with your student secretariat. For the live days of the seminar, attendance is compulsory. Places are limited. Registrations are available exclusively through our Online-Form. Please explain briefly during your registration why you would like to take part in the seminar and give your study programme and number of semester. Please take into consideration that the classes are taught in German only. The seminar is open to anyone who is interested in their own entrepreneurship or in innovation processes in existing businesses; you may also bring a preexisting team with you. In the seminar, a completely new business idea will be produced on the basis of Design Thinking Concepts. Preexisting business ideas are not the object of these workshops.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, Sebatian Demuth at the Startup Center of the Hochschule der Medien will be happy to help you.

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