The usage of gamification in language learning apps

  • This study investigates the possibility of using Bartle’s player types for gamification in the context of language learning apps. By taking user preferences into account, this might assist in selecting the most suitable game elements. Learning apps are gaining popularity as an innovative method for obtaining an independent and flexible learning experience. Gamification keeps users motivated and involved with the content. After the research on the usage of gamification and its effects on the user, a language learning app prototype was created. The evaluation consisted of a user test with interview questions and the short User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). The Bartle test of gamer psychology was used to determine the player types of the participants. The results show that, while player type and gamification preference can partially coincide, there are too many deviations to confidently say it can be transferred into gamification contexts. We conclude that game elements should not be chosen based on a user’s Bartle player type and are more effectively used by incorporating a variety of different gamification components.

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