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Prof. Katja Schmid is in charge of the visual effects specialisation within the audio visual bachelor and master program. She has set up visual effects and post production courses at the Stuttgart Media University since 2004. Together with Peter Ruhrmann she founded the studio production visual effects in 2006. For arranging procreative cooperations with the industries and academics Katja focuses on networking with the Stuttgart VFX facilities as well as international companies and universities.

Katja holds a MFA in cinematography from the Babelsberg Film University and has worked on more than 50 media productions for film and television among them “Beyond the Sea” and “The Bourne Supremacy”. She has curated several conference tracks for the FMX and initiated the international VeGA Camp conference. Her current fields of research are light field technologies and wide gamut.

Full CV

Prof. Katja Schmid


Telefon: 0711 8923-2217

E-Mail: katja.schmid@hdm-stuttgart.de

Location: 046, Nobelstraße 10 (Hauptgebäude)

field of teaching: Digitaler Schnitt, Montage und Continuity, Visual effects, Compositing, Postproduction


Prof. Jan Adamczyk is a german VFX Supervisor with more than a decade of experience in the visual effects industry. Since 2006 he worked on numerous international feature film and tv productions.

His credits in visual effects include The Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek - Into Darkness, Hugo Cabret, Atomic Blonde and Jim Button and Lukas the engine driver. Prof. Jan Adamczyk has worked at VFX Studios based in Stuttgart, Munich, London and Berlin and received multiple national and international award nominations and wins.

Prof. Jan Adamczyk is an active member of the Visual Effects Society, the Deutsche Filmakademie and the Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen. From the winter semester 2018/19 Prof. Jan Adamczyk is part of the visual effects team at the Stuttgart Media University and will enrich the Courses with his know how, practical experience and artistic talent as well as the connections to the local and international VFX industry.

Jan Adamczyk


Telefon: 0711 8923-2607

E-Mail: adamczyk@hdm-stuttgart.de

Location: 330, Nobelstraße 10 (Hörsaalbau)


Peter Ruhrmann is an Engineer for Audiovisual Media and works with students on practical VFX media production projects. He develops and maintains the technical infrastructure of the VFX department since 2006. Peter is Certified Nuke Trainer by The Foundry and fxphd. He has been teaching Compositing at the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) since 2008.

Peter Ruhrmann


Telefon: 0711 8923-2239

E-Mail: ruhrmann@hdm-stuttgart.de

Location: 045, Nobelstraße 10 (Hauptgebäude)

field of teaching: Visual effects, Digitale Postproduktion