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Comparative study of two different color gamuts (Rec709 and Rec 2020)

The ongoing research project is a collaborative study of the Stuttgart Media University and the University of Tuebingen. It explores the expanded creative opportunities using wide color gamut displays.

Project supervision: Prof. Katja Schmid, HdM Stuttgart

The project is a part of the research association Forschungsverbund Farbe in cooperation with the Institute of Media Studies, led by Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall, Universität Tübingen and with the Institute for Ophthalmic Research, Tübingen (Dr. Annette Werner).

The research subjects of the project are:

  • conception of a series of pictures suitable for specific research matters e.g.: colour constancy, object memory, colour preference and developing creative grading decision guidelines
  • development of a wide gamut workflow for a screen / projection capable of Rec2020
  • production and postproduction of a series of test pictures for Rec709 and Rec2020
  • creating test data sequences in Rec709 and Rec2020
  • assembly of test series for various groups of test persons, eye tracking tests
  • evaluation of the test results