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All Studio Productions can be watched at Stage.

Mono (WS16)

Mono is a social short about self-determination. The story is settled in a world where all people are wearing monochrome suits and masks and all decisions are commanded by their smartwatches. Someday the protagonist has a nightmare in which he found himself in the middle of a giant chess game. He realizes his situation and the need to break out of the system. Mono is a coproduction of CG and VFX and includes several full-CG-shots of the chess game and some impressing motion graphics.

Shattered is a short film about two gangsters that are trying to steal a diamond ring out of a luxury penthouse. To achieve the breathtaking view out of the window the student have done an impressive matte painting of a city skyline. Furthermore, they have done a complex simulation of shattered glass in Houdini.

Painting Doors is a documentary short about lucid dreaming. To visualize the diverse stories the narrators told, they had to shoot on six different locations with six different cameras, including a drone and a 1000 frame high speed camera. The visual effects cover several set extensions and the visualization of a mysterious void.

Update is an arousing short film about the implications the digital age could have on our privacy. To achieve the future like atmosphere the students have done many motion graphics. Furthermore, the visual effects include some impressing day for night conversions.

Inspired by Salvador Dalí La Sureelle tells the story of a young man trying to appeal to a girl by visualizing the surreal world of his feelings. Because the film is settled in Paris in the 1920s they had to transform Esslingen in Germany into the Paris of the twenties. This includes a lovely matte painting of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Another World had one of the most complex set designs ever done at HdM. It shows the interior of a spaceship on its last mission. The main actor was wearing a real space suit of the ISS. The visual effects consist of the visualization of the space, the exterior of the spaceship and the vision of a destroyed earth.

Traumzeit is about a man that is experiencing a journey through his childhood memories. For creating the dreamy landscape the team had built a huge miniature set. The visual effects team also did a cloud simulation, the design of an aircraft and the animation of a small dragon.

Sentiment is the cinematic interpretation of M.C. Eschers endless stairs. The visualization is a very graphic and abstract one. Almost the whole environment is done in CG.

The setting of Silvanesti is a circus area in the 1950s. The visual effects include the visualization of some magic tricks and the simulation of a green smoke done in Houdini.

Fortune Faded is a two-minute plan sequence that is telling its story about a burning house in backwards direction. The visual effects include freezeframes and shot stitching in the plan sequence.

Kleiner Roland, großes Kino is a fake video that apparently shows old Super 8 videos from the young Roland Emmerich. The team created a very convincing Super 8 look and amongst other things simulation of an explosion that is referencing to Independence Day.

Scrabbled is short film about a man that hates his wife. While playing Scrabble, he realizes that the game has an effect to the reality.

GodApp is a short film about a young architect who is not really successful in his life. But then he acquires an app that makes it him able to change the world at his will. The visual effects include a simulation of a self-expanding building.

Impuls was a cooperation with the Packaging Technology and Advertising course and consists of three fictitious spots for an energy drink. The spots contain some diverse visual effects e.g. particle simulations.

Fernsehkopfkind is social spot about TV consumption. It visualizes the inner world of a child.

Schwarzwald for a Moment is a fictitious spot for a beer brand. For that the team had to create a very complex city matte painting

Schwarzwald for a Moment is a fictitious spot for a beer brand. For that the team had to create a very complex city matte painting

Blick hinter die Fassade is a commissioned production for SAP and DSIN. It contains a moving camera in a freeze mode setting.

Using very stylized images GO CREATE visualizes the spirit of Web 2.0.

Changes is an advertisement trailer for digital cinema. The exceptionally complex production contains amongst others a matrix like slow motion effect and a computer-generated dinosaur.

Schatten der Zeit is a short about a girl that wanders through the history of her family. The visual effects include a fake motion control shot.