Visual Effects

VFX is one of seven specialisations within the Audiovisual Media program. The courses are designed to train creative engineers in understanding complex workflows, in developing content and look for a short movie and in deepening production skills. In post production students manage and create their own visual effects. The visual effects specialisation starts in the 3rd semester.


Prof. Katja Schmid is in charge of the visual effects specialisation which started in 2007. The main module of the specialisation are the studioproductions in the 4th semester. Over 20 short films were produced from script to screen in our two state-of-the-art studios or on location.

Every semester 10-15 students join forces to collaborate in a production among them exchange students from the VFX-MINOR program.

We got a strong international network of partner universities. Regularly, we receive exchanges students from all over the world and send students from HdM  abroad. Our graduates work in VFX facilities all over the world. It is also of great importance to us to keep a vivid exchange with the local vfx facilities. Thus, we are a partner of the Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart.

With regard to the above mentioned key aspects of our specialisation program we also develop and realise research projects focusing on the proof of concepts and the employments of new technologies into professional film production workflows.  We collaborate with renowned partners e.g.: Fraunhofer IIS, ARRI Munich, University Tübingen or Institute for Ophthalmic Research - Tuebingen.


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