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Mobile Media

// Important information: The program "Mobile Media" is no Minor program. This means that there might occur time conflicts between some of the individual courses listed below. There is, however, the possibility to select additional courses from the area of Language, Culture and Society, if a certain study load needs to be achieved. //

Content of the study program:

The distinctiveness of this program lies in its combination of a well-grounded training in information technology with an extensive choice of attractive, advanced media-related electives. Among the media topics are: design, audio-visual media, aspects of media economics and an introduction to media sciences. In the basic part of the degree programme, students learn about information technology, mathematics and the natural sciences, as well as becoming acquainted with classic and electronic media applications.

The main part of the degree programme is divided into different information technology topics:

  • Software technology: configuration and programming of complex software systems
  • Research networks: configuration and administration of communication networks and their security requirements
  • Internet technologies: programming web applications and shared systems
  • Document processing: document and information management systems
  • Computer graphics: basic computer graphics, computer animation and virtual reality

In projects, students work together in teams to find solutions for the typical challenges in the IT industry. The integrated practical semester, excursions to visit companies and seminars with speakers from the economy ensure that the degree programme has high practical relevance.

Exchange students may compose their individual schedules by selecting courses from the following list. Please note that it is NOT possible to choose and combine courses from different study programs. Exception: Students may combine courses from Mobile Media with courses from "Language Culture and Society", see list below. Only one of the projects 119400 and 119450 can be chosen per semester. For modules 119310 and 119640, you need to have basic experience in object oriented programming (ideally in Java).


Mobile Media


119610 Innovation Management 5 ECTS
119310 Mobile Application Development 5 ECTS
119350 Mobile Content 5 ECTS
119320 User Interface Design 5 ECTS
119667 Game Design 6 ECTS
119640 Mobile Web Applications 5 ECTS
119400 Project 6 ECTS
119450 Interdisciplinary Project 8 ECTS
119340 IT Security 5 ECTS


Language, Culture and Society


22430 English-Beginner* 2 ECTS
22425 English-Refresher* 2 ECTS
22433 Business-Skills – Meetings* 2 ECTS
22432 Business-Skills – Presentations* 2 ECTS
22427 Professional Applications Package* 2 ECTS
22428 Professional Online Competence* 2 ECTS
22429 Intercultural Communication* 2 ECTS
22421 Expert English – 1* 2 ECTS
22420 Media and Society* 2 ECTS
22424 Expert English - 2* 2 ECTS

* Please note that you will need to apply for these courses (in advance). For application and for further information feel free to contact Mrs. Garcia-Jansen from the Language Center. More information: https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/english/language_center/home


Contact for Mobile Media

Prof. Joachim Charzinski

Name: Prof. Dr. Joachim Charzinski  Elektronische Visitenkarte
Function: Professor for Mobile Media
Phone: 0049 711 8923-2774
E-Mail: charzinski@hdm-stuttgart.de


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