International Media Management Insights 1/2023

Winter 2022/2023

Discover international media management!

The idea is quite obvious. Anyone studying "Media Creation & Management" as part of an international minor program should not just learn about international management topics and international media markets in theory, but also engage in their own media project as part of an international team of students - in this particular case, writing and editing as well as layout and production of a magazine on the topic of international media management.

This is exactly what 45 students of the International Media Management class did during the winter term 2022/2023. And the result is the magazine you are now holding in your hands. The students looked at topics related to international media management from various perspectives, analyzed markets and dealt with international digital and media companies - some- times using management tools, sometimes in a more scientific and sometimes in an entertaining way. The result is a magazine that is directed at students as well as lecturers and those responsible for international exchange programs at universities.

Did the students catch your interest? You can find more information about the minor program "Media Creation & Management" at Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) and the idea of studying in Stuttgart in this magazine or oline with the top QR- Code on the left.

Kind regards and see you in Stuttgart.


Uwe Eisenbeis


Hrsg.: Uwe Eisenbeis
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Verlag: Hochschule der Medien
Ort: Stuttgart


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