Disrupting Business with Employer Branding

Strategic levers for medium-sized companies to attract international intrapreneurs

Internationally operating German medium-sized companies (MEs) are struggling with volatile markets and a declining innovativeness. To stay competitive in the long-term, these companies must invest in innovation and attract international intrapreneurs. An adapted and specified employer brand helps them to do so.

This paper provides a recommendation for German MEs in industry, how to design their employer brand to be attractive to international intrapreneurs. For this purpose, an internationally applicable employer brand model was developed and relevant employer attributes were identified. The research results are based on a systematic literature review (SLR) and a qualitative content analysis. The results show that German MEs as employers should live and communicate A) a work culture characterized through empowerment, collaboration, growth, impact, and innovation; B) human and aspirational values; C) a leading, exciting, and friendly personality.

Keywords: employer branding, intrapreneurship, medium-sized companies, human resources


Prof. Dr. Martin Engstler  Elektronische Visitenkarte
Kreativwirtschaft, New Work (Coworking), Dienstleistungsmanagement, Innovationsmanagement, Projektmanagement, Change Management
Studiendekan Wirtschaftsinformatik (Master), Wirtschaftsinformatik und digitale Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester) , Wirtschaftsinformatik und digitale Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester, Zulassung bis SS 2014)
Dienstleistungsmanagement, Service Engineering, Innovationsmanagement, Organisation, Change Management, Projektmanagement, Kreativwirtschaft
Wirtschaftsinformatik und digitale Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester, Zulassung bis SS 2014)
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Prof. Dr. Martin Engstler  Elektronische Visitenkarte

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