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Bachelor Degree Programs

Information Systems and Digital Media

Graduate degree: Bachelor of Science
Regular period of study: 7 Semester
Teaching Language: German (partly in English)
Admission: Summer and Winter Semester
Contents: Lectures and Modules
Study Plan:Download (German Version)

Information Systems in a digital world

How can companies be managed successfully? Which processes play a role? How do you bring economics and technology together? Information systems managers work through these questions and many more. The degree program combines traditional and business responsibilities in the field of digital economy, for example, user-generated contents in the Internet, digital business models or mobile information services.

Contents and Structure

The challenges of digital media and the solutions provided by information systems are brought together in this program. Students learn to creatively combine innovative technologies with economic considerations. Students receive basic knowledge in the fields of economics, management and business processes. Management and information technology are the basis for business information systems.

In the main part of the degree program, students choose between the specialisations in Management or in IT. Here, they extend their knowledge in the development and implementation of innovative business and service-provider models. Among these are, for example, the management of business process and application systems, customer management systems, business intelligence, data science or IT management.

In the fifth semester, students spend half a year working for companies in an internship. That way, they can use their theoretical knowledge and get work experience.

To train our students in the 21st Century Skills they work in interdisciplinary projects offered during the elective part of the program. These projects are done mostly together with companies or non-profit organisations.

With the Minor „Business Analytics“ and an optional semester abroad in the 6th semester, our students study in an international environment.

The strong practical orientation in cooperation with renowned companies is self-evident in the program. With its emphasis on application systems, such as SAP, and its integration of media technologies, the Informations Systems program offers many attractive and unique features.


Potential employers are to be found in industrial and service-provider branches and in public administration. Graduates are sought-after experts in various positions, often in project and process management, in service management, in marketing, in controlling or in IT management. Their multidisciplinary competences qualify them for work especially in projects involving more than one field and which require an overview of the whole company.

Information systems experts with their special knowledge and skills will be increasingly needed as the application of information and modern information systems are critical success factors for companies.


The degree programme starts in the winter and summer semester. Student places are limited.


Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Martin Engstler

Phone: +49 711 8923-3172


Contact Person

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Elisabeth Messerschmidt

Phone: +49 711 8923-3242


Examination Office

Anja Zerrweck

Phone: +49 711 8923-3150


Office of Student Affairs

Sümeyra Cetin

Phone: +49 711 8923-2087



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