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How are places on degree courses allocated?

Places to study at Hochschule der Medien are limited; each of our degree courses has a certain number of places starting in each summer/winter semester.

Because we generally have more applicants than we have places, places are allocated according to:

  1. certain quotas for specific group of applicants (e.g. international applicants from non-EU countries, applicants pursuing a second degree, hardship cases)

8% of places are allocated to international applicants from non-EU countries. If there are more applicants than available places, applicants will be ranked according to the grade they obtained in their Higher Education Entry Qualification and any bonuses they might get (e.g. for specific vocational training, work experience or internships, letters of motivation – please check the specifications of your chosen degree course)


  1. people on the waiting list, i.e. applicants with the longest time period between obtaining their Higher Education Entry Qualification and their application. Around 10% of all places are allocated according to the waiting time alone. Grades will not be taken into consideration.


  1. the vast majority of places will be allocated according to the Verfahrensnote (grade of your Higher Education Entry Qualification + any bonuses – see below for a more detailed explanation). This method of allocation is only open to students from Germany and other EU countries, and international students who have gained their Higher Education Entry Qualification in Germany.


For applicants who do not fall under a. and b. (international applicants from EU-countries and applicants who gained a German Higher Education Entry Qualification), the general rule of thumb is the better your Verfahrensnote, the higher your chance to gain a place in your chosen degree program.


Verfahrensnote – what is it and how is it calculated?

The Verfahrensnote is calculated from the grade of your Higher Education Entry Level Qualification and any bonuses you might receive.

You can gain a bonus on your grade through relevant vocational training (e.g. a completed apprenticeship or vocational college course), relevant work experience or internships (only in some courses), or a personal statement outlining your motivation to study a particular course at Stuttgart Media University (only for WI, OMM, etc.).

Please read this checklist (link) carefully to find out if you can get a bonus on your grades and what documents you have to submit.