Defining Governance Model



Short Description

The development of a governance model as sustainable management system for a new floor space concept which aims to promote local Creative Industries and interconnects three businesses divisions of activities types: 1. education, 2 competence centre/ makerspace, 3. support services.


To deliver a sustainable governance model for the coexistence of three business divisions (education, competence centre/ makerspace, support services) within a new creative floor space concept.

Implementation steps


1. Preparation - development of methodologiical approach




2. Facilitation - implementation of the Design Thinking workshops along with on2one coaching sessions




3. Conceptualisation - establishment of governance model

Tool Developer

West RDA

Pilot Location

Resita (Romania)


6 Months

Cost Factors

External expertise (e.g. workshop facilitator & logistics, lawyer) 

Involved PEople

Project management, workshop-facilitator, piloting partners, further external experts (e.g. lawyer) 


Defining Governance Model (full description)

Team Charter Canvas

Sustainable Business Model Canvas


Defining Governance Model

Community Management Canvas - this canvas will help to sum up key information and values to create the governance model


  • Harmonising and converging of support services
  • Creating business value as a whole
  • Establishing procedures and decision making for the consortium


  • Managing consortium model
  • Governance of support activities
  • Consistent communication model for governance