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Grow & Show Process



Short Description

The development of creative platforms for the promotion of retailers and small businesses by using public room for creative presentations. These creative platforms will draw in potential customers and showcase the available rescources and businesses within the city and thereby fill the city centre with life and ever changing content.


To revive and strengthen the city centre by using public room for creative presentations while retailers and small businesses will be promoted.

Implementation Steps


1. Research on available presentation platforms in city centre



2. Call for ideas




3. Implementation of designs




4. New call

Tool Developer

City of Leonding & biz-up


Leonding (Austria)


5 months for research/call, individual length for implementation


Communication material/ design, coordinator of the process, event costs (e.g. space, equipment, catering), documentation

Involved People

Project management, jury: representatives of respective presentation platform


Grow & Show Process (full description)


  • Visibility of available businesses, services & creativity 
  • Quick, small-scale projects & collaborations
  • New point of interest wich attracts more people


  • Establish projects leading to a significantly changing look & feel of the city centre
  • Establish long-term collaborations
  • Community building process