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Financial Support Overview



Short Description

The development of an "Financial Support Overview" tool to gather all information only on financial support programmes for creatives and provide “how to apply” support and explanation. This tool will enhance the capacities of the tool users for better assumptions of the financial support.


To provide an overview of all financial support programs for creatives and explain “how to apply” and thereby increasing the employment possibilities of the tool beneficiaries.

Implementation Steps


1. Provision of information on current public calls for financial support of Creative Industries



2. Counselling in filling out applications & related business documents




3. Providing of advisory support in terms of collecting documentation

Tool Developer

RDA Bačka


Sombor (Serbia)


3 Months


Media promotion, refreshments, Newsletter creation costs

Involved People

Project management, BSO, city representatives, local economic development offices, institutions publishing open calls at regional/ national level


Financial Support Overview (full description)

Storytelling Canvas

Sustainable Business Model Canvas


  • Capacity building & skills development of the tool beneficiaries in order to start their own ventures
  • Providing F2F support considering the pandemic virus consequences
  • Encourage innovative ideas by overcoming technological challenges and uncertainties on a daily basis


  • Initiating new programme/ services for supporting the beneficiaries 
  • Better overview of all excisting financial support services digital/ analogue
  • Initiating Creative Industries platform for creation of partnerships, exchange of experience & knowhow, networking