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Co-Creation Lab: Destill & Plant



Short Description

The development of a "Co-Creation Lab" to strengthen the city center, its small businesses and retailers. This lab should foster out-of-the-box thinking for city revitalisation and awareness raising for new and innovative ideas of Creative Industries, as well as helping traditional key-players to familiarise and adjust to unknown approaches by a “touch and feel” process.


To provide a platform and methodologies to bring new ideas in the city centre and to support new collaboration between small businesses, retailers and Creative Industries.

Implementation Steps


1. Engage: learn from each other/ about stakeholders



2. Understand: define needs & goals, facilitate communication





3. Ideate: brainstorming, prioritising ideas/ storyboards, rapid prototypes




4. Validate: present, test, evaluate

Tool Developer

City of Leonding & biz-up


Leonding (Austria)


3-4 months (planning), 6-12 months (implementation)


Communication material/ design, infrastructure/ equipment for space design, event costs, documentation

Involved People

Project management, facilitator, muncipality, community, retail & small businesses, Creative Industry


Co-Creation Lab: Destill & Plant (full description)

Sustainable Business Model Canvas

Persona Canvas


  • Visibility of available businesses, services & creativity 
  • Promote settlement of retail & small businesses
  • Improve liveability & attractiveness of the city


  • How to foster out-of-the-box thinking for city revitalisation
  • Sustainable establishment of platform
  • Develop adjusted co-creation methodology