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Youth Create



Short Description

The development of the "Youth Create" tool will promote the Creative Industry sector among young aspiring entrepreneurs in an appealing way. This tool will encourage interactions and cooperation among young entrepreneurs from different sectors of the regional/local economy.


To promote the Creative Industries sector among young entrepreneurs and to contribute to the capacity development of young entrepreneurs in urban revitalisation projects.

Implementation Steps


1. Identification of the young entrepreneurs needs



2. Capacity evelopment of the young entrepreneurs




3. Development of a common story




4. Media production

Tool Developer

RDA Nord


Balti (Moldova)


4 Months


Media production

Involved People

Project management, piloting partners, stakeholders, local public authorities, educational institutions, SMEs


Youth Create (full description)

Empathy Map Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

Context Map Canvas

Storytelling Canvas

Sustainable Business Model Canvas


  • Capacity development & promotion of young entrepreneurs 
  • Attractiveness of Creative Industries is confirmed by statistics
  • ICT sector as one of the most developed fields present in the North Region


  • National Creative Industries sector is mainly delivering services for other countries
  • Creative Industries sector don’t create products or services with added value
  • Establish interaction &  cooperation among young entrepreneurs from different sectors