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Internships & Mentoring For Young Creatives



Short Description

The development of "Internships & Mentoring Programs" for young creatives. Being at the very beginning of their career, they will get the chance to gain knowledge from the practice working on various tasks while led by an experienced mentor from the company. Established companies and creative entrepreneurs will benefit from the new energy and “fresh eyes” on the products or operational aspects of the company that can promote the creation of innovative approaches.


To share experiences between young aspiring creatives and to establish businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Implementation Steps


1. Definition of benefits for young creatives




2. Creation of promotional materials




3. Open call




4. Matchmaking



5. Evaluation & promotion of results

Tool Developer


Pilot Location

Košice (Slovakia)


11 Months

Cost Factors

Project manager, promotional costs, mediator/ facilitator of the process, matchmaking event (e.g. space, technician, production assistants, equipment, catering), documentation

Involved PEople

Project managemnet, assigned mentor from businesses, local businesses, educational facilities


Internships and Mentoring For Young Creatives (full description)

Storytelling Canvas

Hero´s Journey Canvas


  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperations
  • Development of new creative networking activities
  • Promotion of the pilot location between young creatives & businesses


  • Process of matchmaking
  • Promotion of the internship & mentoring program to reach enough applicants on both sides
  • Process management of different kind of cooperations