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Storytelling for New Retail & Small Businesses



Short Description

The development of a Storytelling approach for the thematic group "Retail & Small Businesses" will be used as strategic communication tool for all pilot locations to disseminate key information on the developed spaces and services, their users and supporters in a narrative form. Using human elements within the different stories will create a further emotional connection with the citizens, entrepreneurs and further target groups.


To prepare and simplify information on the potentials and key characteristics of the pilot projects in an appealing way by creating identity and promoting emotional co-experience.

Implementation Steps


1. Initial meeting with all relevant stakeholders



2. Conduction & evaluation of interviews (optional step)




3. Development of common story




4. Media production

Tool Developer

CCIS, RDA LUR, Studio Komplekt, Gabrovo Municipality, City of Leonding, biz-up


Kamnik (Slovenia), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Leonding (Austria)


2-3 Months


Media production/ design, documentation, event cost, external expert in Storytelling, optional: researcher

Involved People

Project management, stakeholders from industry & education, local heroes as entrepreneurs/ small businesses/ representatives from Creative Industries & other branches (e.g.retail, gastronomy), city government, external experts


Storytelling for New Retail & Small Businesses (full description)

Empathy Map Canvas

Storytelling Canvas

Hero´s Journey Canvas

Persona Template


Storytelling TG2


Hero´s Journey concept - visual representation of the journey of a regional heroine who wants to open a creative retail store


  • The story gets spread voluntarily by the enthusiactic listeners
  • The image of the pilot location is uplifted
  • Awareness & visibility of all positive aspects of the pilot location among locals, tourists, Creative Industries etc.


  • Awareness raising for further interested promoters, users, supporters, cooperation partners of the project
  • Finding the right balance between suitable stories and a certain degree of abstraction
  • Convincing the city government to support the initiative through promotion and further (legal) requirements