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Empty Floor Spaces for Creative Businesses



Short Description

The development of a summary of empty floor spaces ideal for creative businesses to revitalise those spaces. Through an analysis of concrete vacant retail or business outlets a basis for further revitalisation measures will be created, which will help to reach an agreement with houseowners and landlords for cooperation projects.


To identify strategic important emtpy floor spaces for revitalisation in inner citry centres to keep or improve the liveability and attractiveness of the city.

Implementation Steps


1. Identify strategic important empty locations



2. Reach an arrangement with owners of empty spaces




3. Present detailed charachteristics of the space




4. Name contact person as expert for potential entrepreneurs

Tool Developer



Kamnik (Slovenia)


5 Months


Expert for empty floor space, optional: architects/ agency

Involved People

Municipality, citiy manager, project partners


Empty Floorspaces for Creative Businesses (full description)

Coverstory Canvas

Storytelling Canvas

Hero´s Journey Canvas

Storyboard Canvas


  • Raise attractiveness for talented creatives
  • Promote settlement of retail & small businesses
  • Improve liveability of the city


  • Address individual interests and expectations of floor space owners
  • Process of building trust towards new revitalisation projects could take some time
  • Convincing municipality to support the initiative in the selection process of empty floor spaces