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Competence Centre for Entrepreneurs



Short Description

The development of a "Competence Centre for Entrepreneurs" as second business division to empower the initiative with skills and trainigs for designing Creative Indurstries services. This requires an understanding of their needs to prepare them accordingly to position their products at international level.


To design specific services to empower the initiative and provide trainings how to support the Creative Industries to position their products at international level.

Implementation Steps


1. Preparation - development of methodological approach



2. Facilitation - implementation of Design Thinking workshops along with one2one coaching sessions




3. Conceptualisation - designing of Creative Industries support services




4. Piloting media production

Tool Developer

West RDA


Resita (Romania)


6 Months


External expertise for training on IPR protection, platform & administration costs, organisation of events

Involved People

Piloting partners, "Competence Centre" business division, BSOs, cultural organisations


Competence Centre for Entrepreneurs (full description)

Empathy Map Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas

Team Charter Canvas

Context Map Canvas

Storytelling Canvas

Sustainable Business Model Canvas


Competence Centre


Mind map of Competence Centre - developed mind map to sum up core fields of actvities to develop skills and trainings for regional creatives


  • Skills development of creatives
  • Capacity-building process
  • Community building products


  • Understanding the contexts of creatives & elaboration of new ideas
  • Protection of IPR
  • Right promotion at international level