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Heroes of Creative Installations



Short Description

The development of a residency program  with regional/ local heros from Creative Industries focussing on art installations. This tool will help to make the regional/ local creative power more visible and will offer interesting and relevant information to the public about creative activities in the physical space.


To develop impressive stories of Resita's heroes from Creative Industries and to provide role models that make the regional and local potential more visible.

Implementation Steps


1. Identify adequate artists & partners to implement the project



2. Develop a creative camp as inspirational context for the creation of works of art




3. Establish a friendly context that encourages socialisation & art creation




4. Organise special equipment & machinery




5. Conduct final exposition & promotional events


Tool Developer

City of Resita


Resita (Romania)


up to 12 months


Residency space & infrastructure, media production

Involved People

Project management, local industry partners, city development, "Competence Centre" business division, creatives/ artists


Heroes of Creative Installations (full description)

Value Proposition Canvas

Storytelling Canvas

Hero´s Journey Canvas

Sustainable Business Model Canvas


Heroes of Creative Installations


Creative installation - impression of the development process of a creative installation at the "Hala Minda" creative centre in Resita


  • Build monumental sculptures as expression of local branding 
  • Close cooperation with local artists
  • Public awareness through residencies & installations


  • Management of distributed roles between actors
  • Translation of artist work into technical projects
  • Ideal communiaction measures for promotion of outcomes