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Print Media Technologies

Graduate degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Regular period of study: 7 Semester
Teaching Language: English
Admission: Winter Semester
Website: https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/pmt
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Promoting Diversity, Individuality and Innovation

The degree course Bachelor of Engineering in Print Media Technologies is primarily designed for international students seeking an academic education in media engineering, media production, corporate management and international business. The programme runs over three and a half years. All subject related lectures are conducted in English.
The programme is firmly focused on media technologies and is designed to produce informed leaders and practitioners on media issues; to promote proficiency in a foreign language; and to endow students with advanced media technology, critical-thinking and public-speaking skills.
Media Engineering has a long history where research and practice go hand in hand, where the many media technologies have grown as a result of fundamental research and where many research projects arise from the challenge to alter the way we communicate, organise, produce and transform the way we think. This is especially true for the twenty-first century with new technologies being developed such as variable data printing, 3D print technologies, functional printing such as printed electronics and new technologies driving social networks.

Structure and Contents

The programme involves two educational emphases, professional media engineering and management. The programme during the first year comprises natural sciences, media technology, business management, intercultural problem solving and language courses.
After the first year, the main studies build on subjects such as Information Technologies, Pre-Media and Pre Press Technologies, Cross Media Publishing, Variable Data Printing, 3D Printing, Product Development, Post Press Technologies and Product Design, Packaging and Industrial Printing such as décor, printed electronics and lifestyle products. The studies in management include Finance and Controlling, Strategic Corporate Planning, Production and Material Management, International Management and Law as well as classes in Business Administration.
The faculty runs a technical learning centre for students. It features a great number of well-equipped laboratories including industrial print presses, IT facilities, creative printing set-ups and post-press equipment. The centre also features pre-media facilities involving the latest soft- and hardware technologies. In common with all courses at the University, the course in Print Media Technologies is credit rated. The program runs over 7 semesters. Each semester requires students to achieve 30 credit points. To be awarded the B.Eng. qualification, students need to accumulate a total of 210 credits (ECTS).
The course team recognise applicants come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds from across the world. Hence, the programme attracts international and German students seeking an English taught programme in media technologies.


According to data acquired by leading European research institutes, the worldwide print media industry (totalling at 980 Billion US$ in 2019) grows annually above GDP. This is in packaging printing, variable data printing, digital printing and 3D printing. Hence, the programme provides the creative, analytical and transferable skills necessary to succeed in this increasingly dynamic, evolving media world.
Graduates are working as researchers, managers and creative in international businesses, everywhere from major industries and brand owners through to privately owned companies.


The programme starts every year in October. Applicants will need to register according to the official application schedule.
The application process commences in January.
Closing day for submitting your first application documents is the 30th of June. German/European applicants will additionally complete a further registration round following the Hochschulstart process. For more information, please visit the programme website https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/pmt

credits: Prof. Dr. Volker Jansen


Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Volker Jansen

Dean of Studies
Office171a (Technikbau)
Phone+49 711 8923-2150

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Volker Jansen

Dean of Studies
Office171a (Technikbau)
Phone+49 711 8923-2150

Examination Office

Matthias Sonsalla

Staff member
Office117 (Hörsaalbau)
m064 (Modulbau)
Phone+49 711 8923-2878

Office of Student Affairs

Andrea Garcia Gardea

Staff member
Officem060 (Modulbau)
Phone+49 711 8923-2091

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