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Bachelor Degree Programs

Audiovisual Media

Graduate degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Regular period of study: 7 Semester
Teaching Language: German (partly in English)
Admission: Summer and Winter Semester
Contents: Lectures and Modules
Study Plan:Download (German Version)

Computer animated films, radio plays, or visual effects for PC games are developed by audiovisual media students. Working within the various fields of media representation involves mastering technology, designing and shaping narrative content, and organizing productions. This is why study courses combine theory and practice through each phase of media production, from conception to final showcasing.

Contents and Structure

Practice is a top priority in the Audiovisual Media degree programme. The students receive a broad scientific and technical grounding which also covers both creative production and media economics. In the main study period, the students select courses from a range of subjects centred on technology, design, audio-visual, narrative, interactive-media studies, as well as the theory and practice of media economics and science. The range of courses on offer covers, computer animation, film, television, visual effects, games development, interactive media, internet, event media, and sound production.

Professionally equipped studios are available to the student teams for practical projects. They produce live TV programmes, radio plays, digital films in high quality cinematic representation, create websites, developed various types of computer games, produce fiction and non-fiction video streaming, including DVDs, or computer-animated films. The various medial forms outlined are also used to develop and design events including, audio-visual installations, theatre performances or trade fair installations. Working under professional state-of-the-art production conditions, the students work in teams developing projects from the initial conception through production and showcasing.

The students are supervised by professors, technical staff, and tutors, as well as external partners from the worlds of business, art and science. This enables them to prepare sample productions as course work, which may be adopted by the companies they've been co-operating with . During the practical semester they gain work-experience through internships within various media companies. The seven semester programmes culminate in a Bachelor of Engineering degree.


Audiovisual Media graduates qualify as specialists within various sectors of the creative industries. They work in production studios, radio or television, publishing houses, advertising and multimedia agencies, manufacturing companies and institutes for media consulting, training and communication. Apart from the seven-semester Bachelor programme, a post graduate programmes in Electronic Media and audiovisual engineering offer the opportunity to deepen the acquired knowledge in three further semesters at master level.


Admission to studies is subject to various entry requirements. Admission to the degree courses begins in both the winter and summer semesters.


Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Andreas Koch

Phone: +49 711 8923-2249


Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Thomas Keppler

Phone: +49 711 8923-2218


Examination Office

Ines Hochstetter

Phone: +49 711 8923-2237


Office of Student Affairs

Jana Wick

Phone: +49 711 8923-2091



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