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"An incredible international profile"

Whether with Ryerson University in Toronto or directly in Europe with the colleges of the Dutch capital: the „Hochschule der Medien“ (HdM) maintains academic friendships around the whole world - also through exchange programs with lecturers and professors. Three of these guests from abroad give an insight on their experiences at HdM via an interview.

The International Week takes place every year at the HdM

The International Week takes place every year at the HdM

The International Week in November each year, as well as Media Night, are fixed items on the agenda of the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Every HdM student has the chance to come into contact with a variety of international opportunities at some point of their academic career: whether with the International Office, a large number of partner universities, exchange students or guest lecturers.
May is probably the most international month at the college after November. A multitude of delegates and guest lecturers stroll trough the teaching buildings and leave an international flair in the corridors and in the minds of the students.
Stavros Georgiades from Fredericks University in Cyprus teaches for a full month in Information Systems and Digital Media. Julia Bradshaw of Oregon State University is conducting research at HdM. Vincent Albers of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam teaches Trendwatching in the study program Advertising and Marketing Communication.
As well from Amsterdam are the two professors Lisette Hilhorst and Willem Viets. Together with Richard Adams from the Canadian Ryerson University the guest lecturers give a multicultural insight behind the scenes and answer the most important question: How international is HdM really?

Christopher Müller


28. Mai 2019




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