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PIDA 2019

Award for HdM-Students

At this year’s "Packaging Impact Development Award" (PIDA) two master Students from the degree programme Packaging Technology at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) won the first prize. "Save the Bees" was awarded.

Winning project - Save the bees
(Fotos: Project team)

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Sophia Huber and Daniela Betz (from left) convinced the jury with their project "Save the bees". Photo: Project team

Sophia Huber and Daniela Betz (from left) convinced the jury with their project "Save the bees". Photo: Project team

For the 15th year in a row, the French edition of PIDA - Packaging Impact Design Award, was held in Reims. This year's brief was "Bring the Future" and the students' challenge was to develop a sustainable packaging concept for the year 2030. The design that had the best concept according to the jury, was "Save the Bees", created by students from Hochschule der Medien, in Stuttgart. Daniela Betz and Sophia Huber say about their project: "This concept is close to our hearts. We are convinced that great things can be achieved through every small action."

A Watering Can to save the Bees

"Save the Bees" is designed like a watering can and contains flower-seeds. The shape should make it easier for the consumer to sow the seeds and thus help the bees: "Bee mortality is an omnipresent and serious problem. A world without bees is hard to imagine. With 'Save the Bees' we would like to draw attention to bee mortality", explains Sophia Huber. From the very beginning, it was important to the team to develop more than just sustainable packaging for chocolate or other products. "Save the Bees" is an overall concept designed to educate buyers about the problem and encourage them to do something about bee mortality, the team says about their project.

According to the jury's assessment, a recent study by L.E.K. Consulting in Boston, USA, asked 250 brands about their packaging needs. The results showed that 57% want packaging to be easy to open, 85% want material that is easier to recycle and 90% claim that packaging is the key to the brand's commercial success. "If I was the owner of this project, I would definitely be confident because this packaging is matching all the criteria" says the jury about "Save the Bees".

About the Award

Since 2005, the Swedish board manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs has been organizing the PIDA competition for young talents together with selected universities in various European countries. The event gives young talents the opportunity to exchange ideas with experienced professionals from the packaging industry.

"Save the Bees" is now qualified for the European final in Monaco this fall, at Luxe Pack - the world's largest luxury packaging fair.



Carolin Hilleke


10. Juli 2019


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