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Before you organize your stay at HdM, please read through the “Information on pre-arrival for visiting staff“. This will help you to plan your visit in Stuttgart efficiently from the very start until the end of your visit.

The “Checklist for visiting staff and HdM facultuy contact person“ will help you and your faculty counterpart at HdM to keep a clear overview of what is required to be done by either side prior and during your visit.  

At HdM, we have a Buddy Program run by current HdM students for international students. If you wish, we can offer support to our visiting staff by HdM buddies throughout your stay at HdM. If you like to find out more, please contact our HdM International Office

What to bring to Stuttgart?

The following checklist will help you to consider documents and things you might need for your visit in Germany.

  • A passport or equivalent identification document (with visa) that must be valid for the entire stay in Germany. Some countries require that your document must be vaild for at least six months after your return to your home country. Ensure your document is validated with your signature, if required.
  • Confirmation of your funding (salary from your home country / proof of a scholarship) in German or English.
  • If required, a certified copy of your high school diploma / A-level certificate, your university degree, and/or your PhD certificate in German or English.
  • Several passport photos that meet biometric requirements for the various IDs you will be issued during your stay.
  • If your spouse or children are coming with you, you will need your marriage certificate and the birth certificate(s) in German translation if at all possible.
  • Confirmation that you have health insurance if your insurance covers your stay in Germany (please remember that you must show proof that you and your family have health insurance from the very first day you are in Germany in order to get a residency permit).
  • Please note: It is mandatory to take out a either statutory German health insurance or a private health insurance (depending on whether you will be employed or work as a visiting lecturer/researcher) once you have arrived.
  • If you have liability insurance or private accident insurance in your home country, check to see whether it also covers your stay in Germany. If so, please bring the relevant documents with you.
  • International vaccination records, and if appropriate a declaration of any particular or previous diseases (possibly recent x-rays) and any medications you currently need.
  • International driver’s license (for more information please see “Being mobile in/around Stuttgart“)
  • Medicine that you need to take regularly (enough for the time until you can see doctor in Germany).
  • When packing, please think about packing suitable clothing and – if applicable - spare pair of glasses (glasses are very expensive in Germany and are not covered by health insurance).
  • The electrical outlets in Germany are for 220-240 volts, 50 Hertz alternating current and designed for plugs with the Europlug design. You will need to bring an adapter and converters if your devices use different technical parameters.