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We look forward to welcoming guest lecturers from our partner universities to HdM campus

Join us for a day, a week, a month, a semester or even a year. Gain new experiences in teaching in an international classroom, improve your teaching skills, learn new methods and try out interesting new concepts by becoming a temporary member of our teaching team.

Choose your formate

  • Give a guest lecture or a workshop to our students and stay at HdM for a couple of days: This can be arranged throughout the whole year in liaison with the HdM faculty. If you don´t have a contact person at the HdM faculty of your interest yet, the International Office will be happy to get you connected. Please send your CV, a description of the workshop or lecture you offer, your dates of availability and any additional relevant information to Please note that the average workload of a guest lecture amounts to 8 semester hours per week.
  • Take over for a HdM faculty member. Research leave, family commitments, illness - there are many reasons why a course cannot be taught. Jump in and share your expertise with our students. Please contact the faculty member at HdM whose vacant position you will temporarily fill.
  • Tandem-teaching with one of our colleagues at HdM. You can co-teach with a HdM faculty member a lecture/class offering more than 2 semester hours or offer a separate module within one of our a blocked weeks (roughly the first two weeks of March or the last two weeks of September).
  • Faculty-led visit: Bring your students to one of our HdM faculties and integrate our students into the group. Duration: from three days up to two weeks, depending on the topic and proposed dates.
  • Take part in /the lead of a Workshop/Short Term Program: Let your creativity flow and design your own workshop or short-term program at HdM. For a full intercultural experience, your students may come along as well or engage in any other Short Term Program taking place at HdM throughout the year.

HdM supports the mobility of scientists, researchers, scholars and international applicants to enrich the interdisciplinary and intercultural community at HdM. Join us for a couple of days, months, a whole semester or academic year for research, teaching and more...

When is a good time to come to HdM?

Typically, the first week of March and last week of June are appropriate timeslots for international guests visiting HdM.

The calendar of HdM  may help you to plan your activities at HdM according to the following highlights throughout the academic year:


Please note that the below-mentioned activities offered are subject to change. Due to the COVID 19-stituation, some of the activities have been cancelled or postponed to 2021. Depending on the development of the pandemics, physical activities at HdM and in Stuttgart can be transferred to online formats or may not take place.


Summer semester (teaching period usually during mid-March – late June)

  • interpack (fair exhibiting the packaging industry) – 25 February – 3rd March 2021
  • Leipziger Buchmesse: 27-30 May 2021 (one of the biggest fair on reading and brands in the publishing industry)
  • FMX (Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media): first week of May
  • International Cinematography Days (ICD): first week of May
  • drupa:  20 - 28. April 2021 (usually mid-June)
  • HdM Media Night: first week of July


Winter semester (teaching period usually during mid-October 2021 – early February)

  • Frankfurter Buchmesse: 20-24 October 2021 (one of the biggest fair on reading and brands in the publishing industry)
  • International Week: International Day 26 November 2020
  • HdM Media Night – last week of January


Please find up-to-date events in our academic calendar