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Programs Abroad

Intro to Short Term Programs and Summer Schools Abroad

Short Term Programs Abroad is for students who are looking for a shorter experience abroad, to explore courses outside their major. Short Term Programs also can allow students to earn credits more quickly, so that they can complete their program sooner or have more space in their study plan for electives.  

Our countless international contacts offer students from HdM the possibility to participate in short term programs in different countries around the globe. During HdM study break periods, you can experience two to ten weeks of everyday student life, attend seminars, focus on different subjects, and learn new academic methods. The whole time you will be improving your language abilities, discovering a new country for yourself, and develop friendships.

Financing and Costs

Students usually must finance Short Term Programs themselves. However, there are a variety of tuition free programs, so you are exempt from course fees and only have to cover travel and room and board costs. Individual foundations also offer scholarships for certain courses.

DAAD: GO EAST STIPENDIUM For programs in Eastern Europe, including Russia


PROMOS STIPENDIUM: HdM awards student partial funding to help support costs of summer programs. To apply, please email the following materials as a .pdf to :

  • Letter of Motivation (Motivationsschreiben)
  • Resume or CV (Lebenslauf)
  • Current Transcript of Records (Notenspiegel; Ausdruck aus der SB-Funktion, bitte notieren Sie den Notendurchschnitt)

PROMOS will be awarded based upon assessment of demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, and merit.

Earning Credits (ECTS) Abroad

For a recognition of your study achievements abroad and to ensure the course(s) can be considered within your Major (Schwerpunkt), we recommend that you create a Learning Agreement. Before you plan your attendance at the summer school, we recommend that you meet with your Dean of Studies, bring all relavant course details with you, and complete the Learning Agreement Form. By doing so, you will determine in advance how the courses that you wish to attend at your chosen university could apply to your degree at HdM.

Program Options:

Below you will find a list of programs offered by our partner institutions. If you have found a program outside of our partner network (there are hundreds of options across the globe!), or if your desired program is not listed below, you are still welcome to apply and participate.

Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Denmark | England | Estonia | Finland | France | The Netherlands |Portugal | Scotland | Singapore | Sweden | Thailand

MELBOURNE, Australia

Dates: 1.-19. July, 2019

Cost: 2.800 AUD

Swinburne University is launching a 3-week Global Design Program, which consists of a series of design activities suitable for those studying in Industrial Design and Interior/ Architecture Design.

The Program includes lectures, workshops, presentations and field trips, giving the students the skills needed to apply design to create future solution for Melbourne tram stops. With this uniquely Melbourne design brief, our international students will experience Melbourne culture through designing.

This program is suitable for any students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree, interested in learning design techniques to solve problems, especially in the areas of Industrial and Interior/ Architecture Design. The content is equivalent of 1 unit (12.5 credit points), and we are happy to provide your institution with the syllabus of the program, should you need it to provide your students with credit transfer.

Please see attached flyer with information about the program. Expressions of interest should be received by 1 April 2019, and final applications by 15 April.

Apply by email directly to:


Dates: 24th-28th June, 2019

Artistic practice, creative processes and theoretical reflection on animation will be in the centre of attention. Participants have the opportunity to obtain and deepen their knowledge and skills in the course of workshops and discussions. Internationally renowned speakers and workshop leaders ensure a high quality education and up-to-date information. Besides workshops, face-to-face conversations with artists and researchers as well as networking with like-minded people are on the agenda.

For more information or to register, visit the website.



Dates: 26 August - 6 September 2019

Summer School: Storytelling in VR

This program is open for Bachelors and Masters students, from various disciplines (coding, web design, game design, journalism, filmmaking, photography, literature, the arts). Participants will conceive and create a VR experience using the facilities in Antwerp's Immersive Lab. Students looking to use a mixture of theoretical, empiricial, and practical insights from an interdisciplinary perspective are encouraged to apply.

More info can be found here.

Cost: €450 incluses orientation and course material, lunch, coffee breaks, farewell dinner, and social activities. Does not include housing or travel.

Registrations Deadline: 16 April



Dates: 17-28th June

The Summer Class aims to introduce students into the world of 3D modeling and 3D printing. 3D printing is a technology that was developed more than 20 years ago, but only the last years, companies discover the possibilities of this technique for different applications. The technology is already used often in prototyping and small series production, but also marketing has discovered the possibilities of 3D in campaigns. There’s more and more the demand of creating a 3D object starting from a 2D design.

Applicaton Deadline: 15 March

Cost: No Program Fee. Students are responsible for their own accomodation, food, and travel to/from Ghent.

Visit the website for more information and to apply.




Dates: 2nd July 2019 – 15th July 2018, or 17th July - 30th July 2019

Enjoy some weeks of summer in beautiful Canada! For two weeks, students will have the opportunity to engange in an intensive course in Print Management. HdM students would be particularly well suited for the courses in July:

  • eBook Production and Publishing (2nd-15th July)
  • Creativity, Clients and Design. (17th-30th July)

Deadline: 27th April

Cost: No Program cost! (However, there is a $51,00 health insurance fee you are expected to pay upon arrival at Ryerson:

Travel/Accomodation: Students must purchase their own flights. Many discount and low-cost flights to Toronto are available. We encourage students to arrive in Toronto two days before their course begins. There is a range of accommodation available . Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and meals, and for the cost associated.

The summer school is hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto. For further information, please contact

Download Flyer


AARHUS, Denmark

Dates: Term 1: 6 - 24 July 2020; Term 2: 27 July - 14 August 2020

Aarus University offers  up to100 summer courses within almost all academic areas in 2020. The courses are both at BA and MA level. PHD students and working professionals are welcomed each year as well. Please see the preliminary course list here. The final course list and full course descriptions will be available on our website in December. Students can expect an extensive social programme and we have very good housing options.

For further information, please visit the university website on summer courses.



Dates: 7. July - 17. August

The University of Cambridge offers you to study at its beautiful campus this summer. There are dozens of courses for which you can register, ranging from 1-3 weeks in duration.

Costs: £1.125 - £2.390 (depending on class and length) Additional fees for registration, travel and accomodation apply.

To register or for more info, visit the website.


UCA International Creative Summer School in Surry, England
Dates: 13. July - 4. August 2019
Class opportunities cover a wide range of creative subjects:
  • Creative Art & Design
  • Creative Business Management
  • Fashion Merchandising and Brand Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Textiles
  • Interior Architecture & Design
  • Games Design Computer Games Arts
  • Mini Creative International MBA
    (30 credits and minimum English language requirement

Fee: Early Bird fee - £3250 (available through Online Store)

Regular fee - £3500

Course fee includes a 3-week course, accommodation, two meals a day (Mon-Fri) and educational trips every Wednesday.

Further information on the UCA International Creative Summer School 2019 can be found under the following link.



Dates: 15. July - 2. August 2019

Tallinn Summer School offers a summer porgramme for international students. The 3 week programme in July includes several courses in various firlds and provides a fascinating cultural programme full of recreational trips. Participants have a chance to visit museums, historical sights, and attend lectures and a wide range of social events.

Cost: Dependant on course, ca. 250€-650€

Course subject areas:

  • Languages: English, Russian, Estonian
  • Politics and the Changing World Order
  • Canine Cognition and Behavior
  • Information and Digital Management
  • Shortfilms
  • Interaction Design

For more information or to register, please visit: Tallinn Summer School Website


Metropolia, FINLAND


Week 1: 5. - 9. August 2019

Week 2: 12. - 16. August 2019

Week 3: 19. - 23. August 2019

Week 4: 26. - 30. August 2019

ICT Summer School at Metropolia UAS will be organized in August 2019 for the 19th time. Your students are kindly invited to participate!

Check the list of courses offered in our website. More information about the ICT Summer School can be found here. All courses in the ICT Summer School are taught in English.

NOTE! New location: This year, ICT Summer School courses are held in Metropolia Myyrmäki campus in the city of Vantaa. The campus address is Leiritie 1, 01600 Vantaa.

Earn: Varies on course

Registration Deadline: 2. June

Cost: No program fees for HdM students! (students are responsible for their own travel, accomodation, and meals)

To register, email:



Dates: 17. June - 2. July 2019

The LMI Summer School comines academic lectures with a general overview of training and research in the field of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at the Universite de Lorraine, projects in the PeeL Incubator, inititation to French Courses, company visits and cultural activities. All courses are taught in English. Students who participate will receive a Global Package that Universite de Lorraine has organized for them.

Earn: 6 ECTS

Registration Deadline: 5. April

Cost: 2,000€ (includes classes, excursions, accomdation, breakfast, and local transport)

To register or to find more info, follow this link.



Dates: Various, from June to September

Cost: Varies by course

The University of Porto offers a robust selection of courses offered at various times throughout the summer. Particularly the Faculty of Arts offers a course in Public Communication and Intercultural Connections. More details about these courses and for a comprehensive list of all courses offered, please see the University of Porto Summer Courses Guide or visit the University's website directly.

For additional questions or to apply, write directly to the program:


Dates: 15. July - 9. August 2019
The UWS EU Summer School is back for 2019. UWS invites students from our international partners to live and study in Scotland for six weeks in July and August. The Summer School will be hosted at our Paisley Campus, on the edge of Glasgow.
Cost: £1250, includes tuition fees, accommodation and additional social activities
Earn: 10 ECTS
Check out the website or flyer for More information
Dates: Various

NTU’s dynamic and highly acclaimed GEM Trailblazer Summer programmes offers more than 30 courses over 5 tracks in 2019.  It is tailored to help students reach beyond their fullest potential, while exploring Asia, home to some of the world's most enticing and exciting destinations. 

This summer, we are delighted to introduce 16 new courses! Here are some of the highlighted ones:

·         Malay Language Level 1

·         Tabletop Game Design

·         Analytics 1: Visual and Predictive Analytics

·         Astronomy – Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology

Please refer to NTU GEM Trailblazer Summer Info sheet AY1819(click to download) for more details on the programme and the application procedures.

The deadline nomination is Friday 29 March 2019

Programme Fees

You may refer to the following link for the breakdown of fees. Do note that students accepted under Exchange will not be required to pay tuition fees to NTU. However, other fees remain chargeable.

Application Process

1. Send an email of interest to the HdM international office:

2. You will receive further instructions with how to apply. You can notify your nominated students to submit their applications through NTU’s online application portal before 19 April 2019

For additional questions, please send us an email at







Dates: June 1 to 2, 2019: Arrival dates and pick-up service, June 3 to June 28, 2019 (4 weeks): Program

Jönköping University offers the following undergraduate level courses taught in English in the month of June 2019:
-Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective (10 ECTS credits)
-Global Perspective on Health and Welfare (10 ECTS credits)
Students have the opportunity to obtain credits and participate in social and cultural activities to discover and learn about Sweden and the Swedish culture. In addition the programme includes visits to companies and to organizations related to the courses, examples of such are IKEA & Husqvarna in the area of logistics and Companion & Integrera Mera in the area of health and welfare. They will benefit from a term abroad during their summer break with the possibility to gain valuable international experience and credits.

Application on-line to JU’s Summer School is now open! Application deadline April 1.

The complete course syllabuses and more information is at
Students may apply or inquire with Kevin Bailey:




Application on-line to LU’s Summer School is now open! Application deadline 18 March.


Students can attend LU and enroll in one of the following courses:

LiU Summer Academy: Exploring Sweden, the Anthropological Way, 7.5 ECTS

LiU Summer Academy: Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Implementation for Improved Health Care, 7.5 ECTS

LiU Summer Academy: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Swedish context, 7.5 ECTS

LiU Summer Academy: Leadership and Organisational Behaviour in Contemporary Organisations,  7.5 ECTS

LiU Summer Academy: Nanotechnology - Sustainable Challenges and Social Impact, 7,5 ECTS

LiU Summer Academy: The Use (and Abuse) of Culture, 7,5 ECTS


Entry requirements: Students must have completed 1 year full-time studies upon application (passed 60 ECTS credits or equivalent) and been nominated by the Akademisches Auslandsamt at HdM.

For further program details, please explore the Summer Academy Website



Dates: 11.-31. August 2019

Registration deadline: 31. May 2019

Cost: €1.950,00 includes housing costs, most meals, and travel within Thailand related to the Program.

Course Modules of the following themes are offered:

Cross-Cultural Communication, Creating Entrepreneurial Mindsets, Visiting and Exploring the Start-Up Scene in Bangkok

Requirements: Students must be at least 20 years old and have completed at least 2 years of university.

For further Information: Visit the Program Website


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