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App Design & Development

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The Minor Program App Design & Development provides an introduction and practical experience in interaction design and front-end development of mobile applications. More and more industries require interdisciplinary know-how, that is knowledge that merges design and development skills, for example, to create new experiences such as mobile apps, games, virtual reality experiences or automotive apps. This Minor focuses on practice-oriented HCI, which is a Human Centred Iterative interaction design approach. Each semester there are a number of projects students will be able to subscribe to. Due to the close proximity to the automotive industry in Stuttgart, there will be at least one project working directly with an automotive partner.

After completing this Minor program, students will be able to:

  • Appreciate, understand and apply an iterative user centred design approach (prototyping, usability, testing & experience design evaluation using eye tracker software)
  • Use innovation management, creativity tools and conceptual design approaches for the development & quick iterative testing of ideas (incl. competition and domain analysis)

  • Prototype using state of the art instant prototyping solutions 

  • Design and develop front-end applications, especially mobile apps

  • Work out examples that can be used for a personal portfolio. This will increase students’ chances to find employment within the creative software design development industries.


Joachim Charzinski

Prof. Dr. Joachim Charzinski

Vice Dean
Officem130 (Modulbau)
Phone+49 711 8923-2774

Exchanges Team

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