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Media Creation & Management

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The Minor Program Media Creation & Management gives international students the opportunity to gain inside knowledge in creating and capitalizing media. This includes having the idea, putting it into practice with production, and managing the results and finances. If you are interested in different aspects of media business, if you want to be creative whilst learning more about operating media services, and to invent new business models – Media Creation & Management is the right program for you. The Minor consists of the following modules:
The programme focusses on fostering innovation in media both from a management as well as a technical and creative perspective. It will be taught together with regular degree seeking students, typically in their last year of their bachelor studies. This minor is suitable for all bachelor students of media science with an interest in business administration as well as for students in business administration with an interest in media and creation.
The course language will be English except for the German Language Course where international students from different Universities around Stuttgart come together.
The staff of the department of Media Management is comprised of seasoned managers and entrepreneurs having spent many years in leadership positions in the relevant industry before returning to teaching and research. Multiple teaching approaches (traditional classroom, small groups, management simulations, action and project based learning, guest speakers) distinguish the minor from traditional study abroad programs creating a seamless experience for the learner. Students will attend lectures as well as working in groups or individually. Likewise will the formats of assignments in the various courses differ – from oral presentations to term papers, learning portfolios and business plans to video clips and apps.
This program is not only suitable for future leaders of the media industry, but for anyone interested in driving innovation both as an entrepreneur as well as an intrapreneur within large corporations.


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