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Financing Study Abroad



The ERASMUS internship program is part of the EU Lifelong Learning Program and provides financial support to students living in the eligible European countries (all EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) want to complete an internship.

Eligibility criteria:

·         All students who are enrolled at a university in Germany and who are one or more of the following, are eligible for ERASMUS+ funding:

o   Nationals of one of the participating countries

o   Residents in Germany

o   Recognized refugees in one of the participating countries

o   Stateless persons or permanent residents

·         In addition to students, graduates can also be supported under the program. You can do an internship as a graduate, for example, between your B.A. and M. A., or M.A. or Diploma; Magister; or pass state examination. It is important however, that the internship is completed within one year of completing your studies.

·         The internship must be at least two, but no longer than 12 months in duration. It must be a full-time internship. Excluded from the grant are internships at all European institutions, all institutions managing EU programs, national/diplomatic representations of the sponsor's country of origin.

ERASMUS internships are not handled directly by HdM, but you would apply to the coordinating office for the semester internship (KOOR) - a state-wide institution for the universities in Baden-Württemberg, which is set up at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. As a consortium, it conducts EU mobility programs for a total of 41 universities in Baden-Württemberg.

Please note: The completed application documents must be submitted to the coordinating office no later than one month before the start of the internship. (in German)





Would you like to work abroad? You can find essential information and funding possibilities for exchanges and internships on the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes, DAAD) website.




1st deadline: 31st December for internships in the following summer semester

Deadline: May 31 for internships in the following winter semester


With funding from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Hochschule der Medien awards a limited number of PROMOS partial scholarships for international internships outside ERASMUS, depending on the country of destination: € 300 or € 400 per month (for programs lasting from 6 weeks to 6 months). Internships with a minimum stay of three months are eligible.

Selection criteria:

The PROMOS scholarship is awarded on a merit-related basis. In addition to the academic achievements, language skills, significance of the project for studying at the HdM, and the extracurricular commitment are taken into consideration when awarding the scholarships.

Required documents:

·         Letter of motivation (please describe your project with the most important key data: reasons and motivation, financial situation, further scholarships, volunteer / social commitment)

·         Curriculum vitae/Resume

·         Internship Contract / confirmation

·         Grade chart (printout from the SB function, please note the grade point average)

·         Master’s only: copy of Bachelor's degree

·         Proof of language proficiency of the target country or language (eg OOPT) not older than 2 years at the time of application

Students who complete an internship abroad outside the ERASMUS area, please submit the application form PROMOS together with the required documents by e-mail or in paper form.



The Carlo Schmid program supports internships in international organizations, EU institutions and selected non-governmental organizations. Prerequisite are: very good command of English and good command of a second foreign language.

In program line A, internships that have been found are supported. In program line B, you can apply for advertised internships, which are funded. (page in German only)




The IAESTE German Committee arranges internships abroad for students of German universities (regardless of nationality) in all technical and scientific disciplines.




Every year, the ASA program awards approximately 280 scholarships to young people from almost all professions and disciplines studying in Germany or the German-speaking Community of Belgium (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, Masters, State Examination) as well as post-graduate students who completed their Bachelor's degree within 18 months of application.

Participation includes seminars and a three-month project internship in one country in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeastern Europe - some projects are preceded by an additional three-month project internship in Germany. Thus, the ASA program provides impulses for dealing with global contexts and power structures. (page in German)




German students’ international internship programs can also be funded according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG). One or two practical semesters integrated into your study program (that is, the services provided abroad will be credited towards your studies) are relatively easily supported within the European Union. In the case of internships abroad which are outside the EU, a specific subject-specific justification is required. In any case, the application must be submitted to the BAföG office responsible for the destination country.

https: //www.bafö (page in German)


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