Metaphern als Bühne der Bedürfnisse?

Eine empirische Studie zur Wirkung von Metaphern auf Bedürfnisse bei einer Imagekampagne für das Studium der Verfahrenstechnik


Abstract: In a study the effects of metaphors on need activation have been studied using an image campaign. In an online survey two groups of a total of 100 subjects were each presented with a poster at which process engineering as a degree course has been promoted multimodally with two different metaphors (soccer match, journey). Then they completed a needs questionnaire (Diefenbach, Lenz & Hassenzahl, 2014) that captures seven basic human needs. A statistical analysis revealed a significant effect of metaphor: The soccer game metaphor is associated with higher scores for connectedness and popularity and lower scores for meaningfulness and autonomy. For the journey metaphor the reverse is true. Obviously, not only cognitive, but also motivational factors are transferred by metaphorical framing – metaphors can activate in recipients a need structure that matches the characteristics of the source domain. That is, metaphor choice can specifically impact the perception of the promoted product as well as the resulting needs pattern.

Keywords: metaphor, metaphorical framing, needs, image campaign, process engineering


Prof. Dr. Judith Papadopoulos  Elektronische Visitenkarte
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Prof. Dr. Judith Papadopoulos  Elektronische Visitenkarte

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