The exams take place in written form on the last day of the language course.

Our lecturers will correct the exams and send the lists of participants and grades to the language center, where all the original documents will be stored.

The exams do not need to be registered from students in the „Form for examination registrations“, which is only to be used for other exams.

Exception: PT7-students!

Students receive a certificate for the successful completion of each language course.


Students can get 2 ECTS credits, after completing two courses of the same language at the same or a higher level  e.g. English Beginner A2 and English Refresher B1 or Spanish A1 and Spanish A2. The courses do not need to be attended in two following semesters. The 2 ECTS can be registered only once. This also applies for all courses taking place within VESPA cooperation.

In order to receive your credits, please fill out the ECTS credit form and submit it with both language certificates via email to We will forward the form to the responsible examination office. The courses will be registered under the module “Optional subject from another course of studies” (EDV number 331033 – Foreign languages).


Regulations for the language courses and exams

With the admission to a language course, the language center will register automatically students for the corresponding examination.

Registration will be carried out as an additional module in accordance with § 15 of the study and examination regulations. Additional modules are generally provided outside the overall qualification and are therefore not influencing the total ECTS points or the average grade. Therefore, additional modules can be repeated as often as required and can appear in the transcript of records as a registration or a failed performance. The advantage for students is that it shows the successfully completed language courses with level, grade and ECTS points. Upon request, the courses can be shown also in in the final transcripts of records.

According to the previously mentioned requirements, 2 ECTS points can be credited for 2 language courses under EDV number 331033.



International students (Minors, Exchange and Erasmus) can attend German Courses and some of our foreign language courses, for example Intercultural Communication, English for Marketing and Business Skills Meetings. For some students these courses may be mandatory. Here is an overview about the credits for each course:

German Intensive Course: 3 ECTS

German Semester Course: 2 ECTS

Foreign Language Course: 2 ECTS

The language center will register the language courses and the final grades, according to the learning agreement.


For further information please read our FAQs.