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Jorge Serrano Tirado

Jorge did his exchange at HdM coming from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain. There, he studies a double degree in journalism and audiovisual communication. At Hochschule der Medien, where he stayed for two semesters, he first took the Minor Programs “Storytelling” and then “Journalism & Communication Management”. Read more about his experiences and recommendations below.



How do you feel about studying at Hochschule der Medien?

I really like it, not only because of the knowledge that I learn, but also because of the environment and what I can learn from working in an international atmosphere. I work with German people and other international people and we are all speaking in English, so in a language that is not our mother tongue. I think that’s really enriching, how everyone can understand each other, also during Zoom classes.


What’s the biggest difference between your university and HdM?

Here at Hochschule der Medien, I feel that I have a closer contact with the teachers and the rest of the students, and also with the International Office. I also think that Hochschule der Medien focuses more on the practical aspect than the theory, which is the opposite of my home university. At Universidade Rey Juan Carlos, they focus more on making students learn the theory of everything. Here we practice more with examples and can also make case studies about them.


How do you like living in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart has made me grow a lot, in the personal and professional field, and I really love living here. The first two weeks felt strange, as I needed to adapt to the German routines, but then, after those two weeks, I felt at home. I feel like the city and the Stuttgarter’s are really kind to me, so I love this experience.


What’s your favorite spot in Stuttgart?

In the first semester, I met some international people who showed Santiago de Chile Platz to me, and it’s really beautiful. From there, you can see all the views over Stuttgart. I share some special moments with those people at this place, so I really feel like it’s “my” place, to stay there, to chat, maybe drink something with them, laugh – so, yeah, Santiago de Chile Platz.


What’s your overall conclusion of your study abroad experience?

It’s something that we all have to try once, to live in a new place, alone, and start developing ourselves. I feel that I have grown a lot during the last year, thanks to HdM and my new friends. It’s an experience that I really recommend to all the people who may want to travel to Stuttgart or come here for an Erasmus.