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Vejune Cesnulyte


Vejune decided to come to Stuttgart for an exchange from Coventry University in the UK. She spent two semesters at Hochschule der Medien, explored the region and Germany and made a lot of great memories, some of which she is sharing with us here.



Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, first?

Hi, my name is Vejune. I was born and raised in Lithuania, but I’m currently a Digital Media student at Coventry University in the UK. I like Digital Marketing, in particular Social Media Marketing. I like video editing and graphic design. And then of course I enjoy traveling and meeting people from different cultures.


Why did you choose HdM for you semester abroad?

As I study Digital Media, we study everything; so it’s web development, media production, graphic design, app development, games creation – it’s a lot of different things, so I wanted to focus on one area only. And this university was the only one that had studies related to media production.



How do you feel about studying at Hochschule der Medien?

I think I have a lot of freedom here. For example, for my first semester, I did “Moving Images”, and we were only five people in the class. Everyone was super supportive, and in every class, we were getting individual feedback from the professors. Now I’m studying “Media Creation & Management”, it’s more about Digital Marketing, but we also have media production courses. For example, we have a chance to put our hands into practice while working with a real client. We are working with Google NGO, where we create Google ad search campaigns for a real organization.


How do you like living in Stuttgart?

Oh, to be honest, I would never have thought that Germany is that beautiful. I mean, I had been to a few cities here, but I had never been to the South area. I think that every time you go to the city, you see new places and parks. In every place you can see Stuttgart from above, there are so many places like that and I really love that. My advice would be to travel as much as possible. Go to small towns and explore the streets, because Stuttgart has so many secret and hidden spots and parks. Be prepared to walk a lot and climb up and down, up and down!



How do you like your student residence?

I’m living in Filderbahnplatz. I’m really glad that all the Erasmus students live in the same place, so we can all meet, we can hang out and we don’t have to travel to different areas to meet each other. I enjoy that.


What do you think about the Buddy Program at HdM?

I was really glad to have my buddy, because we’re still in touch. We actually became very good friends and we still meet. She still assists me because up till now I still need help with German contracts and websites and it’s really, really helpful. I think it was my birthday when my buddy brought me to Ludwigsburg park and it was Pumpkin Festival. I found out it is actually the biggest pumpkin festival in the whole world. I was really surprised by all these figures made of pumpkin and I have so many pictures. So I would say this was the best memory so far.