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Media Arts (Summer Semester only)

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"The ability to both read and write visual information, the ability to learn visually, to think and solve problems in the visual domain - will, as the information revolution evolves, become a requirement for success in business and in life," says Dave Gray.
Visual fluency is now as vital as verbal fluency to succeed in studies and in life. We communicate through visual media, often visual digital media displayed by means of e.g. video art, games, environments, immersive spaces, installations in museums or in public spaces.
This course introduces principles of visual narratives, art history, communication, media theory, design thinking and cognitive psychology for a better understanding of the expression of meaning through visual means.
The Minor program Media Arts consists of interactive seminars, lectures, workshops, and excursions. The main emphasis of all courses is on developing the understanding of visual concepts and contemporary art work, as well as designing and creating visuals responding to the individual art reception experience. The Minor focuses on teamwork, constant feedback and reflection, professional case studies, and creative experiments.

To attend this Minor students are required to have a CEFR level B2 or higher in English (i.e. intermediate/upper intermediate).
You should also have experience in media design and production. You are required to submit a portfolio of your creative media work (website, reel, or any other online information about your skills). The portfolio needs to be submitted as a web link (preferred) or a PDF file. Please also bring your own laptop with you.
During the semester we are doing excursions in Germany and Europe. Please be aware that only a part of your travel expenses will be refunded. Your personal contribution will be an estimated fee of 300€.
Your agreement to the terms and conditions for HdM media productions, specified in the HdM production manual (which you will receive prior to your studies), as well as to the assignment of exploitation rights (Rechteabtretung) are prerequisites for being accepted to this Minor program.


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