Konzeption und Entwicklung eines kontextbasierten Infotainmentsystems im Automotive-Sektor

Kurzfassung der vollständigen Masterarbeit

This master thesis deals with the conception, development and evaluation of a context-based

infotainment system and how this can affect the user of the system and the development of

an automobile manufacturer.

The range of functions in vehicles continues to increase. In the past, more vehicles were

produced with simple features and considered as utility vehicles. Nowadays, they are more

of a luxury item, as more and more emphasis is placed on comfort and features. But as the

range of functions increases and the market becomes global, so do the number of controls

and the implementation options that users expect.

A context-based infotainment system should help users simplify vehicle operation, minimize

distraction, and enhance well-being.

Automakers can benefit from customer well-being through a high level of hedonic quality,

as the user feels more engaged by the product. Hedonic quality of a product involves

assessing what makes the product stand out, special, impressive, exciting, and interesting. A

context-sensitive system not only increases hedonic quality, it can also have pragmatic

benefits. The system adapts to the user and his environment as well as to the vehicle itself.

From an economic point of view, costs of duplicate development can be avoided.

Furthermore, this thesis shall address the following questions:

 In which application areas does a context-based infotainment system make


 What are the advantages for users and companies?

 Which requirements are necessary for a context to be recognized and triggered?

 How does it meet the personal requirements of the user?

 What possibilities arise for further development in the future?

 Which problems can occur?

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