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Stuart Marlow

Lehrgebiet Dramaturgie, Inszenierung
StudiengangAudiovisuelle Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester)
FakultätFakultät Electronic Media
SprechzeitenDi 14:15 - 15:15

Lebenslauf Publikationen


Lebenslauf Englisch:

Since 1979 Stuart Marlow has been active as a dramatist and television writer-director. Recently turning his attention towards documentary theatre, he has often drawn his experience as a documentary maker and playwright having worked for BFBS Radio, WDR TV Cologne, and SFB-SBB Berlin. Stuart has also worked on various international mulitmedia performance projects, backed by the EU, and the The British Council. He is currently Professor of Drama and Media at the HdM (Media University) in Stuttgart. There he founded the documentary theatre group ACTS (Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart) in 2001.

Since 2002 he has won three international awards for the best original playscript with, PRICING FREEDOM in 2002, for his media backed satire of the Shakespeare authorship question, GHOST-WRITING HAMLET in 2003, and for hiscontroversial drama on the Iraq War FALLUJAN WOMEN, in 2006. Since then, his recently published prose fiction includes short stories, three new stage plays, and a full-length historical film drama.



On Going Stage Drama – Multimedia Projects

Marlow, Stuart, Ten Days in November. Britain on the Brink of Revolution November 1647. HvSVerlag 2012. ISBN 978-3-938887-18-9 - Video Production HdM EMM – AMB -

Marlow, Stuart, Murder Beyond the Sundial -QuaerendaestVeritas (2011) HvSVerlag ISBN 978-3-938887-17-2

Performance History: PAD-Performance Art Depot – Mainz. Theatre Meyrin Genf, Tri-bühne Theater Stuttgart. Videoproduktion an der HdM Studierenden  aus Singapore und UWS Scotland- Video and Site-specific Audio-visualengineeringHdM-Teams

Award Winning Drama - 2002-2009

Marlow, Stuart, Shakespeare in Paris(2009) HvSVerlag Stuttgart-ISBN  978-3-938887-10-3.Awards: FEATS Brussels Mai 2009 Best Video-Stage Narrative–Jan StegmeyerHdMBachelorarbeit Video Scenery. Performance History: First Site-Specific Performance –Shakespeare and Co. Paris Nov. 2007. Second Site Specific – Bus, Strasse, und Buchladen’ DAI Tübingen 2008, Third Site Specific Performance: TagungsZentrumBiggesee, Juni 2008. Third Site-Specific Performance- Linden Museum, Stuttgart July 2008. First Full length Stage-Video Performance (ErstauffuhrungTheater): Tri-bühne Stuttgart May 2009 - Video and Site-specific Audio-visual engineering HdM-Studierende.

Marlow, Stuart, Pricing Freedom(2002-8) Political thriller dealing with offshore finance and Extraordinary Rendition  (2010) HvSVerlag Stuttgart – ISBN 978-3-938887-09-7Awards. FEATS Brussels Mai 2002 Best Original Script. One Act Version. Performance History: One Act- Forum Rotebühlplatz June 2002, Site Specific adaptation Burg Rothenfels-Würzburg May 2002. Wolowe-Saint-Pierre-Brussels, June 2002. Site-specific performance in the medieval villa Palazzo Robertis, July 2002. Two Act Version first performed – Tri-bühneTheater Stuttgart  Feb 2008 www.acts.hdm-stuttgart.deVideo and Site--specific Audio-visual engineering HdM- Studierende

Marlow, Stuart. Fallujan Women(2006-9) Augenzeugenbeichte des Irakkrieges als Urlegende  HvS Verlag Stuttgart - ISBN  978-3-938887-03-05                                  
Awards: FEATS 2006 Luxemburg Best Original Script. Performance History: Rehearsed Reading January 2005 – British Council Berlin, 2005- First Version Performed at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart May 2005 Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh Feb 2006. Customs House Theatre, Tyneside South Shields – March 2006. May 2006 - (Wiederaufnahme) TheaterhausStuttgart  May 2006. Video and Site-specific Audio-visual engineering- HdM-Studierende

Marlow, Stuart. Phoney Girls2007 Satire bordering on farce in the Noerthern Irish ‘troubles’. HvSVerlag Stuttgart. Sound Recordings HdM-Studierende. Performance History: (Erstauffuhrung) Theaterhaus Stuttgart April 2007 –Festival performances National Theatre Den Haag Guido de Moorzaal. June 2001.

Marlow, Stuart. Ancestors2004-2005–Exploring Ethnic Displacement and AIDS in South Africa.Video Work HdM-Studierende. Performance History: Erstaufführung Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Halle 4 April 2004 – FEATS, Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen. June 2004. E.T.A. Hoffmann-Theater, Bamberg June 2004. FEST 2004 Sieti-Italien: Site-specific performance in the medieval villa Palazzo Robertis, July 2004. Zentrum Weißenberg Stuttgart. Nov. 2005. Video Work HdM-Studierende

                                   FEST 2004 Sieti:

Marlow, Stuart. Ghost Writing Hamlet – A satirical exploration of the Shake-Speare authorship question and The 17th Earl of Oxford.(2003)
HVS Verlag Stuttgart ISBN  978-3-938887-03-05. Video and Site-specific Audio-visual engineering HdM-Studierende. Awards: FEATS 2003 Bad Homburg Best Original Script. Performance History: First Performance (Erstaufführung) Theater der AltstadtimWesten-Stuttgart. May 2003. FEATS Festival Theater Bad Homburg. FEST 2003 Sieti-Italien: Site-specific performance in the medieval villa Palazzo Robertis.


Film Scripts

Marlow, Stuart. AD 235 – Schatten über den Limes(2011)
HVS-Verlag - ISBN 978 393 888 7 141
Filmpremiere Europakino 17.02.2912


Short Stories

The Search for the Lost Condom –  (2000)(Short Story)
New Writing 09 – Picador- Selected as one of eight Anglophone short stories for study in Higher Education by the Department of  Higher Education Buenos Aires.

Academic Publications 1996-2009

Marlow, Stuart. Interrogating The Crucible: Revisiting the Biographical, Historical and Political Sources in Arthur Miller's Play: Modern Critical Interpretations. Edition Nr. 2 Ed. Harold Bloom. Chelsea House Publishers: March 2008.

Marlow, Stuart.A New Stratfordianism – Challenging Myths of Authorship -Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter – Dr James Brooks Ed. Vol 41 No.3 Winter 2005

Insights on Shakesepeare’s Sources: (Papers given at Concordia University) Shakespeare MattersVol.IV no4, William Boyle Ed. Summer 2005

Marlow, Stuart. The Dramaturgy of Political Violence: Towards a Transcultural FutureCross/Cultures 76 ASNEL PAPERS 8  Peter H . Marsden & Geoffrey David (eds) Rodopi  Amsterdam-New York 2004


Marlow, Stuart. Interrogating The CrucibleStaging a Cultural Paradigm. Barbara Ozieblo& Miriam Lopez (eds) PIE Brussels Peter Lang – 2002

Marlow, Stuart. Pushing at the Limits of Representation: Crossing Borders /Contemporary    Drama in English. Vol 8 2000 - WissenschaftlicherVerlag Trier: 2001

Marlow, Stuart. A Page to Stage Revaluationof  Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker  (A director’s perspective) Coup de Theatre Nr 14 RADAC. Paris, 1er Trimestre 1997.

Marlow, Stuart Revisiting Caryl Churchill's Top Girls: Mainstreaming the Alternative .Contemporary Drama in English. Vol 4 1996. -  Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier: 1997

Marlow, Stuart.Fired from the CanonA comparative revaluation of film and stage versions of Willy Russel'sEducating Rita Monograph Prof. Rainer Albert Glaap, Düsseldorf 1997

Marlow, Stuart. Between the Post-Colonial and the Pastoral: (cultural anthropology and Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa) in Anthropological Perspectives /Contemporary Drama in English. Vol 5 1997. -  WissenschaftlicherVerlag Trier: 1998

Marlow, Stuart. The Northern Irish Troubles: A Problem of Representation (between docu-drama, feature,  faction and fiction) The State of Play: Irish Theatre in the 1990s -WissenschaftlicherVerlag Trier: November 1996

Selected Television Documentaries 

TV Documentaries as Writer/Director  Series Writer-Director REPORTS IN ENGLISH.1992 - 2004 Repeats* (Wiederholungen) in Bayern Alpha bis 2012

Jewish Communities in London. REPORTS IN ENGLISH.Audio-visual walks through the various areas of Judaism past and present. 15 Mins. WDR 2003

Marketing Scotland*.(Heimat-Mythos – Für Export) REPORTS IN ENGLISH WDR 1997-Arte-1999 Bayern Alpha  -2010 The heritage industry and cultural identity, from the manufacture of national icons to the conceptual wilderness of the Highlands and the resulting demographic and socio-economic problems:

Two Faces of Edinburgh* (Drogen und Jugendlichen) REPORTS IN ENGLISH WDR-Bayern Alpha 1997-2010. Edinburgh after ‘Trainspotting’. In the wake of being labelled the drugs capital of Europe.

Highland Dreams* (Urlandschaft gegen Monokultur) REPORTS IN ENGLISH WDR- 1997 Bayern Alpha  -2010

Skye’s Revival* (Gaelisch auf der Insel) REPORTS IN ENGLISH WDR-Arte-Bayern Alpha 1997-2010. The problems of reviving a lost culture.

Looking For the Real Shakespeare. REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 2004Short version REPORTS IN ENGLISH 15Minutes.Long Version30 Mins.  REPORTS SPECIALWDR. 2004.A dramatised look at the historical evidence supporting Edward DeVere as the real author behind the name Shake-speare. Looking at key venues and talking to key experts.

The Cape Flats / Fortress Newlands* REPORTS IN ENGLISH  South Africa Ten Years of Democracy. WDR April 2001 2 x 15 Mins. Bayern Alpha 2010. Looking at the mounting economic and social problems of SA democracy in 2004.   

Sellafield’s Nuclear Shadows.REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 2003 / 2000.30 Mins. A detailed look at the history of technological progress and disaster at the world’s most talked about reprocessing plant in the North West of England.

Asian Bradford* REPORTS IN ENGLISHWDR/ 2002 Bayern Alpha. 15 Mins. 
Talking to Asian women caught between two worlds, in an attempt to defuse prejudices.

Wicken FenREPORTS IN ENGLISH Mailing from the Wetlands  WDR/SWR/BR ab. Nov. 2002  Ecological evaluation of a successful project to reclaim agricultural wasteland and re-establish wetland habitats in East Anglia.

The Joys of Commuting/ Portrait of a Local Paper* REPORTS IN ENGLISH WDR-Arte-Bayern Alpha  2002-2010

Gibraltar in the Firing Line* REPORTS IN ENGLISH.WDR 1999-2009 15 Mins People politics and identity on ‘The Rock’. Is the ‘rock’ culturally British, Spanish or Andalucian?

Snowdonia’s Park Life* A Question of Heritage REPORTS IN ENGLISHWDR 15 MinsThe virtues and drawbackls of declaring an area a ‘National Park’

Voices From the Isle of Man*. REPORTS IN ENGLISH.WDR / 1999-2000. Bayern Alpha -15 Mins 1999-2010

Young Active and Green. REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 1999-2000. 15 Mins
BCTV International voluntary work schemes for environmentally concerned young people.

Changing Ireland 2. REPORTS IN ENGLISH 4 x 15 mins. Dublin for Outsiders*REPORTS IN ENGLISH.  WDR –1999Bayern Alpha – 2010. 15 Mins A portrait of the major shift in Dublin’s demography and the long term shift in the social make up of the old centre versus the vast new peripheries. 
Fighting to Save County Clare* WDRBayern Alpha 15 MinsThe collapse of traditional farming communities, post bungalow blitz expansion of weekend homes, and serious environmental problems in County Clare. Tralee Beyond the Roses*WDR 1999- Bayern Alpha 2010 15 Mins. Marketing history and theme-parking the past.Border Crossing (Fermanagh-Donegal) REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 15 Mins An examination of the non-headline making shifts towards gradual integration across the sectarian divide. 

Cornwall and Devon Today. Windows on the WestREPORTS IN ENGLISH 4 x 15 Mins. WDR 1997. The displacement of Cornish communities, Cornish Language and Independence Party, The fishing and the tin mining industry, and the environmental impact of the leisure industry. The re-construction of the Cornish language as a reacting to the displacement of traditional communities.  Dartmoor as a major European Biosphere.

North Wales - REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR. 15 Mins. 1995. An analysis of the decline of the traditional British seaside holiday industry since the 1970's.

Multicultural Brent - REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 1995 15 Mins The London Borough of Brent reputedly, the most culturally and ethnically diverse of all the local authorities in England and Wales.

The North SeaNo Cause for Alarm? REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. WDR 1994/5 The run up to the North Sea Conference of 1995- The current ecology of the North Sea and at what Britain is doing about reducing pollution levels. ICI provides an insight into new techniques aimed at reducing industrial pollution. The WWF expresses doubts. 

A Small Town in Wensleydale.REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. SFB 1993 Case study of Hawes and a recent media campaign, to save a small cheese factory in a farming area, to combat the decline of a rural economy and its social consequences.

Metrowatch - Vandalism on the Newcastle Metro: REPORTS IN ENGLISH 15 Mins. SFB 1993. Newcastle on Tyne’s radical approaches to reducing the level of crime of their public transport systems. Particularly prone to criminal damage is the S-Bahn or Metro system.

Todmorden, Where Cotton wasKingREPORTS IN ENGLISH. SFB 1993. 15 Mins. Notes on the decline of the textile industry in Todmorden on the Yorkshire-Lancashire border, one of the world’s major textile producing areas, in the mid 19th Century. Today it is a forgotten town with only one working cotton mill. This report takes a look at the last working mill and looks at the town's past, present and future.

Penrhys, The Estate fromHell”.(Wie Schlagzeilen lügen können)REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. WDR 1993.Bad reporting and the complex truths behind sensationalised headlines.A case study: Penryhs in the Rhondda Valley was dubbed by the press, after a series of violent incidents as “The Estate fromHell”.

Channel Islands - REPORTS IN ENGLISH  4 x 15 Mins. WDR 1996.Sark: Trouble in Paradise The demographic and socio-economic problems of a microstate, complete with its feudal Seigneurie.Jersey:Problems of a Crowded Island: An analysis of the environmental consequences of population pressure and an increasingly finance driven economy.Governed by Amateurs?' Monetarism and the debate as the whether the Channel Islands non-parliamentary system is more democratic or less so. Shadows of the Nazi Occupation: The strategy of turning the Nazi occupation into both a tourist attraction and a theme park

Changing Ireland 1. REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 1993/4. 3 x 15 Mins.Ireland's Women*. The Church Under Attack A series of interviews with four Irish women who are working hard to change the traditionally maternal role expectations and conservative religious icons of Irish women. Postcards from Connemara A socio-economic analysis of rural poverty and  marginalisation in the West of Ireland A Journey Through theGaeltacht' A survey of the current state of the Irish Language.

Save the Mountains.REPORTS IN ENGLISH. WDR 15 Mins 1992/3 The threats to upland recreation areas. An environmental case study of the Lake District in the 1990's, focussing on the concept of leisure area access its consequences in terms of environmental damage.

Liverpool and the Legacy of Slavery.REPORTS IN ENGLISH  WDR 15 Mins A critical review of the development of Liverpool as a sea port emphasising; its role in the slave trade and the growth of the British Empire, the decline of the Port of Liverpool since 1945, and the effects of containerisation in the1980's.

Consett: Twelve Years After the Steelworks:REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. SFB  1993. A study of attempts to replace declining traditional heavy industries with  non-labour intensive high breakdown of local identities.

Emmerdale: (Seifenopern als dramturgische Darstellungen des Alltages in fiktiver Form) REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. SFB 1992/3 A Soap Opera: looking at the relationship between fictional television communities and the social reality upon which they are based.

All my Sons: (filmischeDarstellungeinesTheaterstückes )REPORTS IN ENGLISH   WDR 1992 Analysing the themes of Arthur Miller’s classic play through performance.

BTCV 1. REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 15 Mins. WDR. 1991 Young People and Environmental Conservation in England. A report on the basic workings of a thriving environmental initiative, The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.

Es ist ganz normal, anders zu sein. SCHAUPLATZ SCHULE. 30Mins. WDR. 1991. Nach anfänglichen Recherchen in England zum Thema: The Integration of Special Needs Groups into Mainstream Organisations (Access in Swindon); Dokumentation über vier Versuche schulischer Integration behinderter und nichtbehinderter im Großraum  Köln - Bonn.

Norfolk Today. REPORTS IN ENGLISH. 2 x 15 Mins.Problems for the Country Parson:(north Norfolk) WDR 1991 Investigation of the general crisis amongst the rural clergy in England after the publication of the Church of England report, Faith in the Countryside appeared in 1990/91Deserted Villages (1592 - 1992):A historical survey of the depopulation of the North Norfolk countryside and land appropriation from the late middle ages to the late 20th century in East Anglia.


Written Articles Relating to Documentaries

Changing Ireland 2. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln.PSF  Heft 271 January 1999:

Scotland Myth and Reality Praxis Schulfernsehen. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. Heft 263. Mai 1998.

Window on the West: VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF 252 Juni 1997

North Sea Alarm. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF 224. Oktober 1995+ Extra Investigation into co-operation between the  RSPCA and Greenpeace, in which both organisations have worked together to combat the effects of the 1988 Seal virus (Phocine Distemper Virus. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF. Nr. 177 März 1991

Wensleydale& A Media Campaign. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF November 1993.

The Estate fromHell. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF November 1993.
VGS mbH&Co KG Köln.
Vandalism on the Metro VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF 224/Februar 1995

Where Cotton was King. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF 222 Dezember 1994

Changing Ireland1. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF Nr.215/Mai 1994 /1998

The Lake District- Saving Mountains. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF. Nr. 188  März 1992

BTCV 1.VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF. Nr. 177 März 1991

Integrierten Schulen, Ja order nein?VGS mbH&Co KG Köln.PSF  Nr. 168   Juni 1990

Norfolk TodayVGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF. Nr. 177 März 1991

Emmerdale and Soap operas. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF November 1993.

Liverpool and Slavery. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. PSF January 1993


Other Journalistic Publications

Praxis Schulfernsehen Heft. VGS mbH&Co KG Köln. 232 Oktober 1995

The Multi-Media Revolution and the German  Academic Establishment:

An interview with a leading multi-media magnate on the attitudes to the adoption of multi-media technologies in Britain and Germany.



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