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221200a Graphic Arts

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Studiengänge: Audiovisuelle Medien (Bachelor, 7 Semester), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Graphic Arts in Semester 3
Häufigkeit: immer
Studienübergreifendes Angebot - Minors, Prüfungsleistung im Modul Graphic Arts in Semester 1
Häufigkeit: nur WS
Dozent: Prof. Susanne Mayer
Sprache: Deutsch
Art: -
Umfang: 4 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 6
    4 semester hours per week / 6 ECTS

    Lecture and practical exercises:
    14 sessions containing lecture and practice with 4 semester hours each (45 min per hour)

    Practical exercises:
    Along with the sessions there is an exercise workload of around 28 semester hours (45 min each)

    Exam assignments:
    4 days with six hours (45 min each) = 24 units of 45 min

Bemerkung zur Veranstaltung: Teilnehmerbeschränkung
Beschreibung: Graphic design principles which are applied in audiovisual media.

1. The basics of perception
  • Lines, spaces, empty space, contrast, composition, perspective, layout, color

2. Perception through active drawing - free and with templates
  • Simple line drawings
  • Feeling and drawing objects "blind"
  • The picture place: representing 3-dimensional space perception in a 2-dimensional drawing
  • Diverse techniques for space perception and drawing
  • Human proportions - rules for drawing head and body structures
  • The human figure in different perspectives and positions
  • Exkursion to the zoo: animal drawings, quick sketches, motion studies

3. Abstraction and reduction in graphic design
  • From drawing details to reduced information graphics
  • Formal principles of logos and other signs
  • Developing a sign family from reduced animal drawings
  • Typography - an abstract sign sequence

4. Character-Development
  • What makes a character in animation successful
  • Examples from animation movies
  • How to develop a character
  • Briefing and adequate tests for visualization
  • Color and form of a character

5. Storyboarding
  • How do I tell a story in pictures?
  • Drawing techniques for storyboards
  • Visualizing image transitions and motion within a shot

    Application and deepening of the listed content with assignments.
    „Drawing With the Right Side of the Brain“
    Betty Edwards Putnam Penguin Books New York

    „Drawing & Designing with Confidence“
    Mike W. Lin ASLA John Wiley & Sons, Inc New York

    „Facts of Life“
    Pippo Lionni Bd 1&2 HdM Library

    "Force: Character Design from Life Drawing"
    Michael D. Mattesi Focal Press Elsevier www.elsevier.com

    "Creating Characters with Personality"
    Tom Bancroft Watson Guptill Publications New York

    "The Art of Storyboard"
    Don Bluth DH Press Milwaukie OR www.dhpressbooks.com

Weitere Literatur finden Sie in der HdM-Bibliothek.
Internet: Internet-Links will be indicated along the lectures.

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