Modul Mobile Advertising and Brand Engagement

Modul:224460 Mobile Advertising and Brand Engagement (Wahlpflichtmodul im Hauptstudium)
Modulverantwortlicher:Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible
ECTS-min./max.: 5 / 5
Workload: Seminar:
15 Termine zu je 4 SWh = 45 Zeitstunden
Vor- und Nachbereitung:
15 Termine zu je 4 SWh = 45 Zeitstunden
Anfertigen des Entwurfs:
4 Tage zu je 8 Zeitstunden = 32 Zeitstunden
Gesamter Zeitaufwand = 122 Zeitstunden
Modulprüfung: PA

In this module students will learn about:

  • the specifics of designing Mobile Apps for Advertising and brand engagement purposes.
  • how to analyze user needs in the field of Advertising and brand engagement.
  • how to address those needs in a situated, location specific setting.
  • how to build a concept design, based on a User Centered Design process for designing Mobile Experiences. (Persona, User Journey, Scenario, Task model, Prototype)
  • The goal for the final project task is to build a concept design including a user Interface design for a Mobile App (mock-up or functional prototype).

    Students will be introduced to a series of relevant topics such as:

  • How Online advertising works
  • The Opportunities of Mobile Advertising
  • Customer Life cycle & Mobile Loyality
  • SoLoMo - The Social Local Mobile Movement
  • Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Gamification
  • Mobile User Interaction with Public Screens
  • By completing the final project work students get equipped with key qualifications such as team work, social- and communicative skills.

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