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367110a Business Ethics

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Sprache: Englisch
Art: Virtual Classroom
Umfang: SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 6
Workload: siehe Hinweise auf Modulebene
Bemerkung zur Veranstaltung: Dozent: Dr. Andre Haritz
  • Theoretischer Kontext und spezifische Management-Tools aus dem Bereich Business Ethik
  • Business Ethik aus der Perspektive der Arbeitnehmer
  • Business Ethik und Konsumenten/Konsum
  • Business Ethik und Shareholder (Value)
  • Business Ethik im Kontext von Lieferanten und Wettbewerbern
  • Business Ethik im Kontext eines staatlichen, ordnungspolitischen Rahmens sowie von NGOs
  • Weitere Entwicklungsverläufe
English Title: Business Ethics / Corporate Social Responsibility
English Abstract: This course will introduce you to the theoretical approaches, dimensions and practical oriented techniques of Business Ethics. You will be engaged in discussions and exercises reflecting the theory and requiring the application of theory to practical problems. Ultimately, the course will position you to provide additional value to your individual management style and/or to your capability to realize a different, more sustainable management style.
In short words, the subject of Business Ethics addresses what can be considered morally right and wrong in the way businesses make decisions and conduct their activities. The course covers the foundations of business ethics and applying these theories, concepts and tools to each of the corporation's major stakeholders. It considers the implications of three major challenges facing the corporation: corporate citizenship, globalization and sustainability.

By the end of this course -assuming you have attended classes, completed the assessments and undertaken the recommended amount of independent study - you should be able to:
  • describe, explain and apply concepts relating to ethical reasoning and frameworks for ethical analysis in a business context;
  • discuss the extent and nature of ethical problems and concerns as they face business decision makers;
  • discuss issues pertinent to business from an ethical perspective;
  • understand the social and environmental demands that impinge on business decision makers;
  • undertake a thorough investigation of an area of ethical concern in the realm of business.
Literatur: Crane, A., Mattern, D.: Business Ethics, 3th ed., Oxford, 2012

Weitere Literatur finden Sie in der HdM-Bibliothek.
Internet: Eine ausführliche Beschreibung der Lehrinhalte, der Lernziele, der Struktur sowie zusätzliches Lehrmaterial (Gliederung, ergänzendes Skript, etc.) finden Sie im Online-Kurs zur Veranstaltung auf der Moodle-Plattform der HDM.

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