181351b Fundamentals of Mechatronics

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Studiengänge: Print Media Technologies (Bachelor, 7 Semester), Prüfungsleistung im Modul Fundamentals of Engineering in Semester 3
Häufigkeit: nur WS
Dozent: Prof. Armin Weichmann
Link zur Veranstaltung / zum E-Learning-Kurs: Fundamentals of Mechatronics (181351b)
Sprache: Englisch
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Umfang: 2 SWS
ECTS-Punkte: 3
Workload: Lecture in Fundamentals of Mechatronics:
14 sessions of 1,5h each = 21h
Self-dependent learning and preparation for the exam: 39h
Workload: 60h in total = 2ECTS
Inhaltliche Verbindung zu anderen Lehrveranstaltungen im Modul: 181351a Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Bemerkung zur Veranstaltung: Englisch

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of engineering based on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.
Contents of lecture of Fundamentals of Machatronics:

  • Technical systems,
  • Mechanical strength and machine elements,
  • Standard parts in mechanics,
  • Springs and couplings,
  • Gears,
  • Actuators,
  • Electric motors,
  • Sensors,
  • Control engineering
  • Students learn how these parts interact and how mechatronic systems integrate different disciplines to form a functional device.
    They are able to identify these different elements as well as to express themselves in a technical manner when discussing their functionality.

    English Title: Fundamentals of Mechatronics
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